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Improve Data Utilization with Our Guide to Power BI Governance

Power BI Governance mitigates risks, centralizes management, and aligns data usage with business objectives to enhance informed decision-making and efficiency.
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Data Analytics

How Aggregation Tables Improve Performance for Power BI Reports

This dive into aggregation tables will help you decide when to use them in Power BI to improve your data model and query performance.
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Impactful Power Platform Low-Code / No-Code Business Apps

The Power Platform enables digital transformation by letting non-tech power users quickly make applications, workflows, or dashboards with little to no code.
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Power BI Tips for Star Schema and Dimensional Data Modeling

This blog covers the advantages of using dimensional data models in your Power BI datasets + some additional tools that can optimize your dataset performance.
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Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Machine Monitoring IoT Solution with Azure Services and Power BI

We custom-made an IoT framework with Azure components and Power BI to implement a scalable solution to source, stream and show machine performance in real-time.
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A Look at Power BI as a Business Intelligence System: Power Query M

Here is a high-level view of Power BI and its ETL part that is behind the External Data Section that makes it a “kitchen sink” Business Intelligence system.
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How to Protect PHI Data by Limiting External Access to Power BI

In this walkthrough, we demonstrate how a health provider can restrict the sensitive data in their Power BI service environment to only their trusted network.
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Data Analytics

Data Granularity & the Power BI Google Analytics Connector

The Google Analytics connector for Power BI lets you to build a dataset consuming data from your GA solution, but it comes with unique challenges and solutions.
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