Application Infrastructure Readiness


Before imagining better ways to do business tomorrow, you need to know where you stand today. We’ll help get your company’s application and data infrastructure ready for what’s next by designing a new digital core to build a more flexible future.

Your Imagination Isn’t the Limit—Your Infrastructure Is

As we venture into new territories around next-generation applications and data strategies, the possibilities are quickly becoming limitless. Yet, for many organizations, the path forward is not hindered by a shortage of ideas or technical capabilities, but by the cumbersome burden of outdated infrastructure and the heavy load of technical debt.

Through a comprehensive evaluation of your on-premises, off-premises, or hybrid application and data infrastructure, Core BTS helps organizations quickly identify the path forward to re-building their digital core capabilities. This core is aimed at fostering a more adaptable future for your organization, ready to navigate the evolving technology landscape.​

Break away from the incremental adjustments that have a diminished return on investment and can add to technical debt. With our CoreAIR (Application Infrastructure Readiness) solution, our team of experts collaborate with your team to design and implement a new digital core that aligns with modern business, applications, and data requirements. The CoreAIR process can help your business reduce cost and complexity while increasing performance and agility.​

Regardless of the size of your project, we’re equipped to tackle it. Let’s get started.

Our data and applications infrastructure readiness assessment engagement includes three phases to drive your transformation from discovery through deployment.



Discovery and Analysis Documentation
• Alignment with organizational leadership
• Application inventory and analysis
• Application requirements and dependencies
• Data storage inventory and analysis
• Security posture analysis
• Current cost analysis
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Design Documentation
• Application and data strategy
• Security strategy and components
• Business continuity alignment and capabilities
• Selection criteria for vendors and service providers
• Operational support requirements and resource criteria
• Investment and ROI projection
• Future-state design diagrams and collateral
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Project Plan Development
• Comprehensive implementation and migration plan

Smarter. Stronger. Smoother.

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Build Purposefully

With a purpose-built IT infrastructure, you’ll be better equipped to meet modern business, applications, and data requirements.

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Reduce Complexity

Less complexity, more efficiency. We’ll help simplify and streamline your infrastructure to enhance resiliency and reduce operational support costs.

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Cut Costs

You shouldn’t pay for what you don’t need. We’ll evaluate your infrastructure and help you reduce or eliminate unnecessary IT spend.

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Strengthen Security

Cyber threats are relentless. We’ll help improve your cybersecurity posture and ability to combat attacks.

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Enhance Capabilities

From data protection to business continuity, we’ll help improve your organization’s IT capabilities to better handle whatever comes next.

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Improve Agility

IT infrastructure management is ever-evolving. We’ll help make you more nimble to quickly adapt to emerging technologies.

Ready. Set. Go.

In addition to our CoreAIR solution, we can also help your organization maximize your data and full stack observability.


Secure the Edge

Your company’s data is your business edge. From SASE and CASB to secure web gateways and next-generation firewalls to MDR, XDR, and more, if it involves data, we’ll help you secure it.


Full Stack Observability

Go beyond monitoring to truly know the real-time status of your entire technology stack. We’ll help provide a holistic, real-time view of the performance, health, and behavior of your applications and infrastructure for in-depth, actionable insights.

Experience The Impact

CoreAIR In Action

imageedit_3_7171889019 (1)

Expertise in a Pinch: How CoreAIR Helps a Top Regional Bank Migrate its Data Center Under a Tight Timeline

Offering a broad array of financial services at more than 200 locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, this leading Mid-Atlantic regional bank is known for building strong relationships with customers and helping to build stronger communities.
imageedit_1_9428753980 (1)

Investing in the Future: CoreAIR by Core BTS Helps a Leading Regional Bank Modernize its Data Center Network Infrastructure

With more than 200 locations providing financial services to over 100 communities across the Midwest, this Wisconsin-based regional bank has a mission: Put people at the center of their financial health.

Core Air

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