Security Solutions

In today’s dynamic environment, a proactive security strategy is essential. A proper architecture transforms security from a barrier to an organization enabler, providing access to information while protecting the organization.

Core BTS’ Security Consulting Services can provide essential elements for your security strategy. Core provides a comprehensive “Business Driven” approach to the Information Security Program and life cycle. Security solutions are mapped to an organization’s strategy and operations. Our processes are designed to provide the information needed to make risk-aware decisions, fast.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work closely with our customers to provide comprehensive security solutions in order to protect them from the increasing threats associated with cyber security.  Our Security Solutions Group employs a defense in-depth-strategy that integrates people, process, and technology to mitigate risks and protect our customers’ data regardless of it residing in the data center, cloud, or on mobile devices.

Our Value

We are uniquely qualified because not only is Core a Cisco Gold Partner, and a super-regional system integrator who designs and implements, the network, data center solutions, collaboration solutions, and security solutions, we deliver these projects securely by leveraging our dedicated team of CISSPs and Security Compliance Consultants.

Our Security Solutions Team includes highly trained Security and Compliance experts that offer regulatory support for: PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and GLB. We also offer several 24×7 managed security services including; intrusion and incident detection, and log management for both cloud and on-premise environments. Whether you are looking for a security point solution or a full-service managed security program, Core not only designs IT projects, but designs them with security top-of-mind by leveraging our highly trained and experienced Security Solutions Team.