From AI to ROI: Artificial Intelligence Services & Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions

From AI to ROI

Big Technology. Big Impact.

Skip the innovation theater.

The world's most powerful technologies are only as impactful as the challenges they solve.

AI is about improving you. And your customers. Not the technology.

Your business strategy and AI strategy should be two sides of the same coin. Together, we start with the end in mind, and that’s exactly where we wind up.

AI Readiness Assessment

AI isn’t slowing down anytime soon. How ready are you to keep up?

AI technologies have been slowly but powerfully improving over the last few years.
Then, OpenAI changed everything overnight.

And this ‌will happen again and again and again.

Every organization is unique, and we’re here to make sure you’re ready to take advantage of the most powerful technologies of today … and tomorrow.

We take organizations through a three-step AI readiness process that includes:


Vision Casting and Maturity Scoring

Understand opportunities for AI and determine how it can add value to your business. Together, we’ll establish your AI vision and implementation plan.
• AI Vision & Strategy
• AI Maturity Levels

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Enterprise Landscape and Strategic Analysis

Review organizational readiness for AI. Do you have the security, maturity, processes, skills, and people needed to make AI part of your business?
• Enterprise Landscape
• Governance, Risk & Compliance
• Value Streams and Capabilities

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Roadmap Development

Develop an AI roadmap and change management plan to support your business transformation and end-user adoption.
• Infusion of AI
• End User Communication
• Now, Next and Later Implementation Plan

The possibilities of AI are endless. And so are the benefits.

New opportunities arise from AI technology every day, but ultimately they all come down to five key areas:

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Evolved Operations

AI automates and streamlines operations by reducing friction and enhancing analytics and resource allocation throughout your organization.

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Enhanced Decision-making

By supplementing human intelligence with sophisticated analytics and predictive capabilities, AI elevates the quality and efficiency 
of employee and customer choices, boosting their creativity in 
the process.

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Employee Empowerment

AI automates routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher-value and more rewarding activities. It not only changes the dynamics of how work is performed but also amplifies human potential.

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Exceptional Customer Experience

From round-the-clock chatbots to efficient help desk routing, 
AI enables businesses to deliver highly personalized customer service that keeps customers coming back.


End-to-End Security

Detect sooner, protect more widely and and spot anomies 
faster using AI-driven technologies that don't sleep and won't 
miss a beat.


How Much Will AI Cost You?

From labor and cloud costs to data management expenses and marketing investments, comparing the economics of AI-infused projects to those of the past is an apples-to-oranges exercise.


The AI services and solutions team at Core BTS has drafted an in-depth guide on the new economics of AI.


We’ve detailed the new and necessary investments. How to think about efficiencies and cost savings. And how to start thinking about anticipated revenue deltas.


Download the Guide Now

From "Should we…." To "Wow, that was amazing," 
before you know it.

We help infuse a wide range of stand-alone and integrated AI services and solutions into every corner of our clients’ businesses.

AI Readiness Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation to gauge your organization's preparedness for implementing artificial intelligence technologies

Intelligent Applications

Custom-built software applications that leverage AI to automate tasks and improve decision-making

Generative AI & Large Language Models

The design and deployment of tailored AI algorithms to solve specific business challenges

Data Strategies and Predictive Analytics

Leverage data science and machine learning techniques to develop actionable insights and predictive models for strategic decision-making

Computer Vision

Implement image recognition technologies to automate processes or enhance existing systems with visual data interpretation

OpenAI & Copilots

Utilize OpenAI's advanced AI models to assist in tasks such as coding, content generation, and data analysis

Natural Language Processing

Advanced technologies to analyze, understand, and generate human-like text for various applications, ranging from customer service to data analysis

AI Governance

Build a comprehensive governance framework to guide and regulate utilization of AI technologies, ensuring that AI systems are safe, secure, transparent and accountable

From improving safety to mitigating risk to saving lives, AI improves the human condition.

AI isn’t just about driving cost savings. It’s about changing and improving lives across every industry.
Here are a few of the industries that we’re helping change the game.



Use AI to predict mechanical failures before they happen, saving time on repair costs and eliminating downtime.



Predictive Analytics

 in Healthcare

Leveraging AI, we can better support clinical decisions, predict future trends, and even better manage the outbreak and spread of diseases.




Leverage AI to analyze processes, identity inefficiencies and suggest improvements throughout the end-to-end logistical process.



Customer Service

AI chatbots can handle routine customer service queries, reducing load on human agents and compiling straight froward tasks.

State and Local Governments




AI can analyze customer behavior to create personalized marketing messages, improve customer engagement and deepen brand loyalty.

Financial Services

Leave the AI FOMO behind.

More awestruck; less anxiety.
At Core BTS, that's our mission when it comes to implementing AI.

We help organizations leverage forward-thinking AI in new, innovative, and organization-specific ways to drive
once-in-a-generation impact inside and out.

Core BTS & Microsoft

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We are honored to be recognized as a leading Microsoft Partner. We help organizations make the most of Microsoft’s AI technologies by combining the right technologies that iteratively improve operations, infrastructure, and deployment.

This partnership allows us to extend the deep benefits of Microsoft to our clients in close alignment
with the Microsoft organization.

AI Readiness Assessment

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Generative AI

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OpenAI Integrations

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Microsoft Copiltot Integrations


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Do not take this journey alone.

Our team is ready to help you create a better vision for how to leverage AI, get you quick wins, provide you with more
information, or answer any questions you may have.