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7/19 CloudStrike Incident Response

Updates on the 7/19 CloudStrike Incident Response  An update to the security firm’s Falcon service last night has led to many Windows users being unable to work this morning. Microsoft 365 is also affected. Core BTS Managed Services team has received more than 1000 calls from customers looking for help. We’re publishing this page to […]

14 Must-Know Insights About Azure VMware Solution (AVS) for Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance their IT infrastructure, improve agility, and reduce costs. Enter Azure VMware Solution (AVS) – a powerful hybrid cloud platform that merges the best of VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software with Microsoft’s robust Azure global cloud services. Whether you’re looking to extend your existing […]
Automotive engineer showing dipstick to supervisor.

Managed IT Services for Automotive Dealerships

An MSP can simplify IT management and drive business continuity at a predictable cost. Here’s all you should know: The automotive dealership landscape is constantly evolving. Consumer expectations are continually rising, and new technologies and threats emerge daily. Dealerships increasingly need dedicated IT resources to stay competitive, but achieving this has become more challenging. How […]

Recap of the Data Governance and Information Quality Conference: Embracing the Future with AI Governance

In early June, the Data Governance and Information Quality (DGIQ) conference, organized by Dataversity, took place at the picturesque Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in San Diego, CA. With over 500 data specialists in attendance, the conference provided a comprehensive program featuring tutorials, general sessions, special interest group discussions, and post-conference seminars. Here’s a recap […]
Two doctors conducting medical research on computers with AI-powered analysis.

Transforming Patient Care: AI-Driven Insights in Healthcare

AI provides immense benefits in healthcare that you can unlock with expert help from Core BTS. Here’s all you should know: Two words have become almost ubiquitous nowadays: artificial intelligence (AI). Discussions are rife about how AI could be the next big thing, even in healthcare, an industry not reputed for quickly adopting new technologies. […]
Man guiding a robot using a Virtual Reality controller.

The Power of Data Governance in Manufacturing

How Data Governance Can Help Steer Manufacturing Towards Better Operations Key Takeaways Data drives technological and industrial advancement. Due to its value, data is becoming an increasingly important commodity. We are experiencing an overwhelming surge of information, akin to a data deluge. While we can’t stop this flood, we can manage and filter it through […]
Someone updating Windows OS on a laptop

Secure Your Future: Upgrading Windows OS with VMware Migration

Microsoft will officially end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. Upgrading to Windows 11 through VMware migration ensures a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective IT environment for your business. The Great Wall of China and the pyramids of Egypt were built to last forever. Operating systems (OSs)? Not so much. Windows 10’s lifecycle […]
Two manufacturing engineers designing products on Windows 11 computers.

Green Manufacturing With Windows 11

Discover how Windows 11 can drive your sustainability journey as the green imperative unfolds. The introduction of coal-fueled machines during the first industrial revolution considerably improved how we produce goods. However, it placed a new burden on the environment—carbon emissions.  Even as electricity and natural gas eclipsed coal as more efficient alternatives, things didn’t get […]
IT and security professionals listening to a keynote speech at Cisco Live 2024.

Cisco Live 2024 in a Nutshell

During its annual flagship event, Cisco unveiled Splunk integrations and several security and networking innovations powered by AI. Here are the highlights: This year’s Cisco Live in Las Vegas edition was abuzz with activity and exciting updates. Roughly 20,000 IT and security experts, including Core BTS pros, came together to network and learn about Cisco’s […]

Successful Digital Transformation: Moving Beyond Decisions to Action with Core BTS

Deciding to reimagine your digital organization is easy. Success is rare. There is an old joke about five frogs sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off, but all five remain on the log. Deciding to do something is very different from doing it. This joke illustrates organizational transformation today. After deciding to make […]
Healthcare professional sharing medical information with a patient using a tablet.

Ethical AI Adoption: Ensuring Trust in Healthcare with Windows 11

Healthcare providers must balance AI adoption with ethical practices to realize its full promise. With Windows 11 and Core BTS’s help, discover how to stay ahead of the curve. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of healthcare as we know it. However, alongside immense potential lies the challenge of ensuring responsible AI adoption.  This […]
Software engineers brainstorming how to modernize an application portfolio.

Enhancing Application Portfolio Capabilities Through Modernization

With technology and market demands changing rapidly, businesses must evolve their capabilities and find innovative ways to stay competitive. Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly turning to modernization to bridge the gap. Application modernization is crucial to maintaining business performance and agility in a constantly evolving landscape. It empowers internal teams with all the capabilities of the […]

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