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Core BTS helps the nation’s leading healthcare providers tap technology to
enhance experiences for caregivers and patients alike.

Better Collaboration.
Better Healthcare.

Healthcare is a hectic business. For caregivers, the pace, demands, and pressures never stop. They can’t. That’s the nature of the industry.

That’s why so many technologies and tools are designed with the intent of helping doctors, nurses, and hospital staff better collaborate so they can provide better care. Taking full advantage of those tools can often feel like an overwhelming task, but Core BTS can help.

When the nation’s top healthcare providers need a partner to provide a strategic path for harnessing today’s most powerful technologies, they turn to Core BTS.

From enhancing caregiver productivity and reducing their burnout to facilitating superior patient care, strong system security, and more, Core BTS has you covered.

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“Digital transformation in healthcare isn’t just about the technology, it’s about working with our healthcare clients to imagine tomorrow ’s digital health possibilities and innovate for them today. At Core BTS, we empower providers to provide the best experience for patients, support the well-being of caregivers, and enhance efficiency.”

Laura Kidd

Director of Healthcare, Core BTS

We're Honored to Keep This Company

Elevating Healthcare Together

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Impact is all that Matters

Pushing Boundaries for the Greatest Good

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Kroger Health is Reimagining Healthcare Through Cloud Modernization

How we enabled Kroger to deliver and administer COVID-19 vaccines to their customers and communities across more than 35 states.

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Frederick Health Realizes Vision for World-Class Service with Core BTS

We were able to give Frederick Health a full end-to-end view of the best solution for their dynamic needs.

Empower Your Healthcare Organization's Digital Transformation

Unlock the full potential of your Epic data with a seamless migration to Azure.

Our proven solution empowers healthcare organizations to leverage the scalability, security, and advanced data analytics capabilities of the cloud. Enhance decision-making and streamline your Epic environment.

Modernize your healthcare collaboration with a secure file migration to the cloud.

Enhance workflow and collaboration for your employees by transitioning department file shares to Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, and Teams. Our experts prioritize data security while ensuring continued use of Office applications.
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Optimize Your Hospital Network

Starting with a solid foundation and laddering up to leverage the latest relevant tools, we work with you to develop a technology strategy that helps your hospital system become exactly what you want it to be.

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Enhance Experiences Inside-Out

Patients aren’t your hospital’s only end users. Doctors, nurses, and staff are too. By expanding technology solutions throughout your entire system, we help ensure that everyone has what they need to thrive.

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Reduce Caregiver Burnout

Work smarter, not harder. Through the efficiencies provided by AI and other technology solutions, caregivers can reduce their workload, cut stress, and feel fresher on the job.

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Put Patient Security First

You’re in the business of protecting patients – and that includes their privacy and data. No one has more experience in addressing security vulnerabilities and compliance risks for healthcare systems than Core BTS.

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Streamline Your Mergers & Acquisitions

We’re your go-to partner for wherever your organization goes. 
For mergers and acquisitions, Core BTS offers proprietary tools to help migrate and modernize existing infrastructure, data, 
and applications.


Healthcare. Technology. Experience. Core BTS.

From patient experiences to collaboration among caregivers, exceeding expectations is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve been there and done precisely that. You’re held to the highest of standards, and we’re up for the task of helping you exceed them.

Applications and Data

Leverage modern applications and advanced data strategies to elevate every experience and empower every employee.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Future-Proof Your Foundation & Conquer the Cloud


Integrate Artificial Intelligence 
into Mission-critical applications 
and operations

Modern Workplace

Enable Digital Work to Enhance the Employee Experience and Transform Business Processes

End-to-End Security

Bulletproof Your Business & Evolve Your Security Foundation

Managed Services

Empower Business Resiliency, optimize operations and gain cost predictability

Ready to Revolutionize Your Healthcare Experience?

Our team is ready to help you create a better future for your healthcare system, provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.