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Day 1. That’s when we begin analyzing, designing and implementing the highest-measure
security solutions in every experience, app and platform built with Core BTS.

Security is Everyone’s Responsibility

Security shouldn’t be the name of a singular department; it should be a rallying call.

Far too many firms treat security as an afterthought, and even more won’t touch it. We live for it.

A security-first mindset is embedded in everything we do at Core BTS. It’s ingrained in all team members who start with the end in mind, asking the right questions at the onset and building security into each and every step in the build process.

Afterthoughts are usually not a good thing. Especially when it comes to the future of your organization. Let us show you how we are different than what you’re accustomed to.

Every Experience. Every Time.


Limit Cyber Risk to Your Organization

Protect your company with a partner that cultivates a culture of cybersecurity, from safeguarding digital workplaces to shielding critical data assets and much more.


Implement and Manage Secure Technology Solutions

Whether we’re developing a new security strategy or leveraging your existing one, our core strength is implementing it by bringing the right people and tools to the digital table.


Assess and Advise on How to 
Ensure Compliance

AI automates routine tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher-value and more rewarding activities. It not only changes the dynamics of how work is performed but also amplifies human potential.


Exceptional Customer Experience

From round-the-clock chatbots to efficient help desk routing, 
AI enables businesses to deliver highly personalized customer service that keeps customers coming back.

Every Experience. Every Time.

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Limit Cyber Risk to Your Organization

Safeguarding digital workspaces, ensuring you can share data securely, responding and recovering from an incident and helping you move faster with confidence.

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Implement and Manage Secure Technology Solutions

Sure, we can collaborate on creating or improving a security strategy, but our core strength is implementing it by bringing the right people and tools to the digital table.

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Assess and Advise on How to 
Ensure Compliance

Achieve legal and regulatory compliance – and maintain it – with the guidance delivered by our Governance, Risk, and Compliance services.

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Provide Custom Staffing to 
Augment Your Team

Whether you need individual resources or the support of a 
full custom team, we offer staffing solutions to help you 
achieve your goals.

Passionate. Relentless. Resolute.

These are the characteristics we bring to every engagement at Core BTS.

We work closely with your teams across three main solutions areas – security advisory, security operations, and managed services – to custom-design and build an engagement approach that optimizes cybersecurity for your organization.

Security Advisory

With our assistance and guidance, your organization can develop a controlled environment that maintains security and compliance over time. We will bring a standards-based approach to help you achieve and maintain compliance across multiple verticals such as Healthcare, Financial Services and Data.

Security Operations

We have the experienced engineering team and select partners to make sure we can address the technical security requirements to safeguard your organization’s systems, networks, applications, and data from digital attacks with our monitoring, analysis, and rapid response to security incidents.

Managed Services

Let us help you establish, operationalize, and mature your security operations, reducing your costs and freeing your staff up to focus on high-value activities.

Experience the Impact

The Power of Protection at Core BTS

East Penn
Application Modernization with DevSecOps

Putting a Charge into App Security

Helping a leading battery manufacturer help ensure ongoing application security.
Global Foundries
Assessment and Implementation

A World of Security Solutions

Setting up a global semiconductor foundry for ongoing security and compliance success.
Embassy Bank
Managed Security

Managed Security You Can Bank On

Helping a regional bank evaluate, elevate, and embed security operations.

Secure the Entire Stack

As a full-service digital transformation consulting firm, Core BTS covers your security from top to bottom and inside out.


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We help ensure that you have the optimal vision, strategy, and execution to achieve your business objectives, where security is an enabler and not a roadblock.


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Through our hybrid cloud and security expertise, we can help you safely migrate environments and workflows to harden your infrastructure.

Cloud Security

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Our broad technical experts can help make sense of the security complexities that come with utilizing various cloud solution providers.


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We help your organization understand exactly where your sensitive data is stored and then design and implement controls to protect it from costly loss or theft.


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From developing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy to tactical solutions like password management, multi-factor authentication and much more, we help your organization uncomplicate identity protection.


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We securely provision, manage, and monitor your organization’s devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and remote workstations.


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From code-related security to application hosting environments, we help your organization design and implement safety controls for applications of all types.

Security Testing Services

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We can help validate your security investments are paying off by providing technical testing services via our world class testing team and services.

World-Class Partners Make It Possible


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The only way to build something to last today is to ensure it can withstand anything.
When you place your trust in Core BTS, we won’t let you down.

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