Security Advisory



The highest-measure security solutions start with the highest-measure security strategies. Our advisory services team will help identify your organization’s biggest risks and then work with you to address them quicker.

Inattention is Your Greatest Threat

Vigilance is now our greatest asset when it comes to staying one step ahead.

At Core BTS, we know that many organizations simply don’t have the time, manpower, or resources to adequately analyze their security program and uncover the insights needed to enhance it.

That’s where we come in. From assessing critical shortfalls to developing strategic solutions, our advisors always make your organization’s security a top priority, so you don’t have to. We’ll deliver the guidance and expertise you need to help protect critical infrastructure, data, and systems from cyber threats and breaches.

Identify. Analyze. Secure.

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Risk & Maturity Assessments 
with Roadmaps

Utilizing established industry frameworks, we’ll review your organization’s entire security program to identify gaps and build a strategic roadmap for improvements.

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Regulatory & Compliance Readiness

Our advisory team delivers ongoing guidance to help provide continuous compliance for data security regulations across your industry.

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Privacy AssessmentsPrivacy Assessments

Privacy is a hot topic. We’ll bring our expertise to your team to collaboratively build a framework that addresses privacy regulations, such as CCPA and GDPR.

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Policy & Program Development

AI, M&A, and digital transformation all introduce risk and make organizations vulnerable. To assist in achieving success, we’ll help establish the sound policies and programs needed to monitor and maintain the risk profiles unique to your industry.

Passionate. Relentless. Resolute.

These are the characteristics we bring to every engagement at Core BTS.

In addition to security advisory, we work closely with your teams across security operations and managed services to custom-design and build an engagement approach that optimizes cybersecurity for your organization.

Security Operations

Better guard your organizations, systems, networks, applications, and data from digital attacks with help from our monitoring, analysis, and rapid response to security incidents.

Managed Services

Let us help you establish, operationalize, and mature your security operations, reducing your costs and freeing your staff up to focus on high-value activities.


You can’t fill security gaps until you know they exist. Our advisory services will help inform you where your security stands now – and then help get it where it needs it to go.

Secure Your Future Today

Our team is ready to help you put security at the core of your company, provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.