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Building business success takes time. And by managing your organization’s everyday digital operations, that’s what Core BTS helps provide – more free time for your IT team to focus on high-value activities that build business. But unlike many other firms, we also provide the most important key to success: a true business partner.


Let’s be blunt. If you’re just looking for a managed service provider, Core BTS isn’t it. But if you’re searching for a managed service partner dedicated to delivering continuous operational improvement through collaboration, you’re in the right place.

At Core BTS, our mission is to go beyond traditional managed services and be more than a firm that just does things for you. We work with you throughout the service lifecycle to navigate challenges, anticipate change, and drive greater business value.

We offer agility, stability, flexibility, and cost predictability to help you maximize IT investments. And we leverage our deep experience and proven expertise to deliver enhanced efficiency and provide more secure, more resilient digital operations. Core BTS means more.

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“A Managed Service at Core is not just a service to be consumed but an ongoing relationship to grow and foster for the betterment of both parties. We want clients to partner with not just customers with whom we transact business. Provide us the opportunity to collaboratively serve your business and together we will thrive in mutual success!”

Rick Delserone

Managing Director - Core BTS

Elevate. Enhance. Excel.

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Expand Capabilities

Extensive experience. Elite certifications. Specialized expertise. Through our team, you’ll gain access to a wide range of new resources that help benefit your business.

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Boost Efficiency

Time is money. Efficiency is too. By identifying patterns in approach and behavior, we’ll develop actionable insights that better streamline operations and boost productivity.


Reduce Costs

Enjoy economies of scale through enhanced efficiency, as well as on-demand access to experts without the expenses of hiring, training, and retaining full-time staff.


Increase Uptime

With our team monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing the digital estate, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll work to quickly address incidents and outages.

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Ensure Compliance

By implementing, enforcing, and monitoring your organization’s processes and policies, we’ll help you meet industry standards and regulations.


Technology. Support. Security.

We’ll manage the day-to-day so you can maximize your business. Our team stands ready to help handle your organization’s daily technology and security needs.

Azure Managed Services

As a certified Azure Expert MSP, we manage your Azure environment so you’re free to focus on growing your core business.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Management

We have the experience with planning, deploying, and managing cloud computing that you need to hit the ground running – and keep on rising.

Managed Security

Free your time, and success will follow. Core BTS handles the details of daily security operations for some of the world’s most transformative companies, allowing them to focus on the bigger business picture.

Managed Applications & Data

As your organization’s infrastructure expands, we’ll help manage the growth in data, active applications, and cyber risks that come with it.

Managed Network & Modern Data Center

We don’t just manage your digital operations. We enhance them. As partners, we’ll help you boost your team’s productivity, improve performance, and reduce costs.

End User Support

We’ll help your organization make the most of its technology and our experts will tackle any issues to improve productivity and reduce friction.

Experience the Impact

The Power of Protection at Core BTS

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Managed Services

Revolutionizing End User Satisfaction: How Core BTS Transformed a NYC Nonprofit

Transforming End-User Satisfaction: Core BTS Revamps New York City Nonprofit's Experience
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Managed Services

How Core BTS Drives Transformation: Collaborating with a National Bank to Reshape and Elevate the Help Desk Experience

Uplifting Customer Experience: Core BTS Redefines a National Bank's Help Desk Service
Managed Services

Building Communities at Scale with Managed Services

Helping a regional bank evaluate, elevate, and embed security operations.

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Don’t simply go with a managed service provider to run your organization’s digital operations day-to-day. With Core BTS, you’ll get a true managed service partner to really go.

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