End User Support

End User Support


Technology is only as good as the people who use it. That’s why Core BTS provides the support and resources that your IT users need to get the most out of their technology, while we also help to drive greater productivity for your organization.

Success Starts at the End

Software inquiries. Technical issues. Service requests. And more. When it comes to the needs of end users, it can often feel as if there’s no end to the support they require. But at Core BTS, we have your organization’s back.

By engaging our End User Support services, you’ll gain access to highly experienced personnel with expertise in a wide range of industries and technologies who can help quickly diagnose and resolve technical issues.

End result: Greater reliability, enhanced efficiencies, and the opportunity for your internal IT team to offload the cumbersome day-to-day responsibilities of operating an in-house help desk so they can instead focus on critical business initiatives.

Enable. Expand. Empower.

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Enable Scalability

As your organization grows and its business needs change, we can easily adapt to accommodate the level of support you require.

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Expand Expertise

Enhance service offerings without expanding your full-time staff. Our experienced support personnel are ready to activate their expertise to help address tech issues.

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Respond Faster

With Core BTS, you won’t need to worry about having adequate staffing to handle support requests. We’ll help you respond, troubleshoot, and resolve issues quickly.

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Build Business

When you rely on our team to handle the day-to-day end user support, you’ll release your own IT staff to focus on their own core competencies and strategic goals.

Technology. Support. Security.

In addition to delivering End User Support, our team stands ready to help handle your organization’s daily technology and security needs.

Azure Managed Services

As a certified Azure Expert MSP, we manage your Azure environment so you’re free to focus on growing your core business.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Management

We have the experience with planning, deploying, and managing cloud computing that you need to hit the ground running – and keep on rising.

Managed Applications & Data

As your organization’s infrastructure expands, we’ll help manage the growth in data, active applications, and cyber risks that come with it.

Managed Network & Modern Data Center

We don’t just manage your digital operations. We enhance them. As partners, we’ll help you boost your team’s productivity, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Managed Security

Free your time, and success will follow. Core BTS handles the details of daily security operations for some of the world’s most transformative companies, allowing them to focus on the bigger business picture.

There is No Finish Line

But there is a better way to keep operations running smoothly for end users. With support from Core BTS, there’s no limit to how far your organization can progress.

Optimize Your Future Today

Our team is geared to fulfill your company's essential requirements. From optimizing operations to aiding specific needs, count on us for support.