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Who We Are

We are strategists, problem solvers, and do-ers. We thrive off challenge and simplify the complex. 
We ask questions and propose new ideas. We create business technology solutions.

Executive Leadership Team


Kevin Thimjon

Chief Executive Officer
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Eric Weber

Chief Financial Officer
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Dylan Pure

Chief Operating Officer
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Gina Logozar

Vice President, Human Resources
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Jason Eickmann

Senior Vice President, General Counsel


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DeAnne Anderson

Director, Revenue Operations
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Tony DeFeciani

Senior Vice President, SLED
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Jerry Burum

Area Vice President
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Laura Kidd

Director, Healthcare
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Bob Sensenig

Area Vice President
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Michael Mara

Managing Director, Architecture & Solution Design

Michael J Smith

Vice President, Automotive Consulting Services

Zachary Miller

Principal Director, Architecture & Solution Design


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Joe Bellian

Senior Director, Microsoft Programs and Licensing
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Bill Volovnik

Vice President, Cisco Alliances

Delivery Leadership

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Eric Willard

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services
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Sunil Ahuja

Senior Vice President, Global Delivery
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Lincoln Russell

Vice President, Innovation
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Mark Petroff

Managing Director, Modern Applications
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Jeff Richards

Managing Director, Service Support
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Rachel Rieck

Managing Director, Business Enablement
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Rick Delserone

Managing Director, Managed Services
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Jeremy Silber

Managing Director, Modern Work
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Eric Vandenberg

Managing Director, Data Analytics & Data Platform
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Justin Waterson

Managing Director, Operations

Andy Glassley

Senior Director, Innovation

Corporate Leadership


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Stacey Doherty

Senior Vice President, Marketing
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Steve Susina

Director of Marketing, Demand Generation
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Doreen Zipay

Senior Director, Marketing


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Jaime McGowin

Senior Vice President, Finance
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Katy Perotta

Vice President, Corporate Controller
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Patti Jeffries

Director, Purchasing
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Benjamin Golden

Director, Sales Operations Support

Brooke Jordan

Assistant Controller

Liz Quinn

Assistant Controller

Human Resources

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Denise McVey

Director, Total Rewards
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Whitney Furth

Director, Learning & Org Development
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Dan Publicover

Director, TA


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John Orr

Vice President, Information Technology
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Brian Williams

Director, IT

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A company is only as good as its people. We are always interested in meeting talented individuals who want to grow their career and use technology to transform business.