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When it comes to IT infrastructure, the only constant is change, and flexibility is a must. 
At Core BTS, that’s what we help provide with modular hybrid solutions that empower you 
to leverage technology the way it’s being used today – and tomorrow.

Infrastructure That Fits Your Future

Mainframes. Client servers. Webified applications. Cloud environments.

You’ve seen the evolution of IT infrastructure. But today, modernizing it isn’t just about the platforms you use. And it isn’t just about the ways in which you access those platforms.

True modernization is about rethinking how you actually get business done – and then finding ways to do it better. At Core BTS, we’re your partners in reimagination.


At Core BTS, our passion lies in helping organizations transform their data centers to reduce complexity and cost, improve agility and security, and mitigate risk, all without business interruption.

Jeff Richards

Managing Director, Hybrid Infrastructure

Modernize. Minimize. Maximize.


Enhance Resiliency

We’ll help you build a more secure and resilient infrastructure that’s always up and always on.

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Control Costs

Keep your infrastructure budget in check. We can help your company contain cloud spend and increase cost predictability.

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Manage Life Cycles

From original design to eventual redundancy and all points in between, we’ll help Implement life cycle management for your applications.

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Minimize Sprawl

The impulse to purchase your way around problems can lead to expensive IT sprawl. We’ll help you streamline by eliminating waste and integrating investments.

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Modernize Hardware

Aging equipment can lead to hardware failures, outages, and data corruption. We’ll help you modernize to avoid costly downtime and other risks.


Ready. Set. Go.

A more flexible future starts here. Our team stands ready to get your company’s hybrid infrastructure ready, secure, and running smoothly.



Before imagining better ways to do business tomorrow, you need to know where you stand today. We’ll help get your company’s application and data infrastructure ready for what’s next by designing a new digital core to build a more flexible future.


Secure the Edge

Your company’s data is your business edge. From SASE and CASB to secure web gateways and next-generation firewalls to MDR, XDR, and more, if it involves data, we’ll help you secure it.


Full Stack Observability

Go beyond monitoring to truly know the real-time status of your entire technology stack. We’ll help provide a holistic, real-time view of the performance, health, and behavior of your applications and infrastructure for in-depth, actionable insights.


When you build a hybrid infrastructure that’s modular, your company gets more.
At Core BTS, we can help show you how.


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