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Core BTS helps the world’s leading gaming and casino brands leverage technology
to create an unforgettable experience.

Make it Magical. Make it Secure.

There’s little room for error in gaming and hospitality.
Competition is fierce, and expectations are high.

Every day is a new adventure, walking the fine line between securing the experience and creating pure magic. Between ensuring data integrity and creating remarkable, 1-1 experiences at scale.

When the world’s leading casino and gaming companies need a partner to help take advantage of today’s most powerful technologies, they turn to Core BTS.

From opening new casinos to optimizing gaming infrastructure to improving communications and upgrading back-office technology, Core BTS has you covered.

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“Core BTS stands at the forefront of delivering innovative technology solutions, distinctly tailored for the gaming and hospitality industry. Our approach is anchored in a meticulous methodology that melds our profound understanding of the industry's unique demands with advanced technical prowess. Every solution is engineered with precision, encapsulating the complexities and nuances of the gaming landscape, translating actionable technology strategies into amazing guest and employee experiences.”

Bob Woudenberg

Solutions Architect
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End-to-End Security for Every Experience

Security first. And foremost. If you don't get this piece of the equation right, nothing else really matters. No one has more experience in securing the end-to-end experience in gaming and hospitality than Core BTS.

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Elevate Your Guest Experience

Technology is the enabler, and data is the difference-maker when it comes to creating amazing guest experiences worth bragging about. You already have the data you need. We can help you do more with it.

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Optimize Your Gaming Network

Even a few minutes of downtime can translate into massive losses. Ensure the right machines are powered and protected by the right technology and optimized in the right locations to ensure everyone wins.

Gaming. Technology. Experience. Core BTS.

From the first swipe to the last sip, exceeding expectations is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve been there, and we’ve done precisely that. You’re held to the highest of standards, and we’re up for the task of helping you exceed them.


Hybrid Infrastructure

Future-Proof Your Foundation & Conquer the Cloud



Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Mission-critical Applications and Operations


Applications and Data

Leverage modern applications and advanced data strategies to
elevate every experience and empower every employee


Modern Workplace

Enable Digital Work to Enhance the Employee Experience and Transform Business Processes


End-to-End Security

Bulletproof Your Business & Evolve Your Security Foundation

Core BTS

Announces New Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions for the Gaming and Hospitality Industries

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