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Welcome to the new workplace, where the most powerful technologies fade into the background, and everyday tasks transform into seamless experiences of efficiency and creativity. A new era of work is here, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Intuitive Technologies. Undeniable Impact.

At Core BTS, we envision a workplace where technology quietly powers every success—never in the way, always at the service of your teams.

It's about creating an environment where your employees are either blissfully unaware of the underlying technology or utterly amazed by it.

Security knows it’s you before you tell it. AI-driven solutions that anticipate your needs before you need them.

This is the future of every workplace handoff, every interaction, and every connection.

This is the workplace of the future. Join us in shaping it.

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Connect. Collaborate. Execute.


Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Unlimited freedom. Seamless integration. Ultimate flexibility. Through our solutions, you’ll empower your team to work from anywhere, anytime.


Eliminating Processes

Transform your workflow, sharpen your focus on core business goals, and minimize human error. Embrace a system that speeds up processes and enhances productivity.


Secure Communication

Peace of mind is standard with our platform, ensuring safe communication, advanced encryption, and strict compliance to protect against unauthorized access.


Happier Employees

Job satisfaction matters. Morale does too. By integrating streamlined, user-friendly technologies, you'll be able to cultivate a positive culture and reduce turnover.


No Technology Downtime

Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with our solutions that offer robust support and proactive management, turning smooth operations into savings.


Optimized Workflows

Innovation is key to saving time. By automating & optimizing tasks and workflows, employees can focus on strategic initiatives that enhance and improve business outcomes.

Redefine. Connect. Succeed.

Welcome to the cutting edge of workplace efficiency. Discover our suite of services designed to boost collaboration, secure your digital environment, and streamline operations. Ready to elevate your business? Let’s explore how we can transform your processes and enhance productivity.


Identity and Access Management

A fully functional RAG-based (Retrieval Augmented Generation) AI platform deployed on Azure infrastructure that’s ready to input, process, and analyze data in near real-time.


Endpoint Management

Modernize IT and enhance security with cloud-based endpoint management, ensuring out-of-the-box device readiness and boosting compliance.


Increased Collaboration and Productivity

Optimize document management to boost real-time collaboration and streamline communication.


Enhanced Messaging

Enhance communication by migrating email to the cloud, ensuring reliable access and cohesive branding during transitions like mergers or acquisitions.


Business Process Transformation

Empower teams to automate workflows with low-code and no-code solutions, to streamline processes and enhance communication through data management.

Pioneering Change in Modern Enterprises


Transform your approach to cybersecurity with Core BTS, where expert advisory and comprehensive implementation make security your business’s strength.


Unleash the power of AI with Core BTS, where innovative solutions meet strategic implementation to drive your business forward.

365 Copilot

Accelerate your digital transformation with Core BTS’s Microsoft solutions, tailored to elevate your business through cutting-edge technology and expert guidance.

Modern Work

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INDIANAPOLIS (May 28, 2024) — Core BTS, a full-service digital transformation consulting firm, is proud to announce that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Core BTS on its 2024 Solution Provider 500 list. This is the seventh year Core BTS has earned a spot on this list, with 2024 being the highest […]
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Core BTS Welcomes Accomplished Sales Leader to Executive Leadership Team

INDIANAPOLIS (May 7, 2024) – Core BTS, a full-service digital transformation consulting firm, has named Nathan Trail as its Executive Vice President of Sales, effective today. In this role, Trail will lead sales and partnership efforts nationwide in support of our clients. Trail joins Core BTS with over 20 years of commercial sales experience. Most […]
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Core BTS Wins 2024 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence Award for Work-Life Flexibility

INDIANAPOLIS (April 24, 2024) – Core BTS, a full-service digital transformation consulting firm, today announced that it is a 2024 Top Workplaces Culture Excellence award winner for Work-Life Flexibility by Energage, a purpose-driven organization that develops solutions to build and brand Top Workplaces. Top Workplaces Culture Excellence awards recognize organizations that excel in specific culture […]
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Discover the transformative power of our Modern Work solutions—where innovation fuels efficiency. Empower your team with forward-thinking tools that shape the future and elevate your business. Experience the impact a modern workspace can have on your organization, enhancing experiences for employees and clients alike.

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