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Security, Compliance & Identity


Core BTS can help you strengthen your company’s digital security and meet compliance standards using a Zero Trust approach featuring identity verification and multi-factor authentication.

Put Your Trust in Secure Technology

At Core BTS, we implement stringent security measures for companies through a Zero Trust model that safeguards your information architecture by ensuring that only verified users can access your critical data.

With your company’s system reinforced by multi-factor authentication and rigorous access controls, you can rest assured that operations will be up to industry compliance standards and protected from malicious and costly cyberthreats.

Smart. Seamless. Secure.


Establish a Secure Foundation

Our Zero Trust approach enhances security by requiring rigorous identity verification and multi-factor authentication, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Enable Seamless Integration

Implement security measures across email, Microsoft Teams, and cloud services, enhancing trust and overall user experience.


Enhance Operational Efficiency

Automate identity management, freeing your IT team up to focus on high-value strategic initiatives.


Manage Compliance & Risk

Meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA and ensure strong security by actively monitoring user access and swiftly addressing cyber risks.

Collaborative. Productive. Transformative.

In addition to enhancing your Security, Compliance & Identity Management, Core BTS offers additional innovative solutions designed to revolutionize your organization.


Employee Experience & Digital Workplace

Foster innovative digital work environments and greater employee productivity through AI-enabled collaboration tools and automated workflows.


Mergers & Migration

Ensure smooth mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures by aligning and optimizing IT resources, migrating data, managing risks, and reducing disruptions to service.


Endpoint Management

Modernize your device administration and strengthen security with cloud-based endpoint management that helps deliver compliance and optimized productivity.

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At Core BTS, we’ll strengthen your security framework while also enhancing collaboration so your team remains agile in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

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