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Core BTS helps the world’s leading automotive industry brands leverage
analytics to help maximize customer lifetime value.

Advanced Analytics. Advancing Automotive.

Since its inception, the automotive industry has been guided by innovation – but today, new data-driven technologies are behind the wheel.

Powered by AI and other innovative tools, data analytics extend beyond vehicle performance and engineering to enable every aspect of automotive retailing from acquisition to retention. And for dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers, it can be a tall task to take advantage of all the data available without the help of advanced analytics to provide insights into how to identify and gamify customer lifetime value.

That’s why when the automotive industry leaders need a partner to fully leverage today’s most powerful technologies, they turn to Core BTS.

From improving customer acquisition and retention to leveraging AI and optimizing supply chain operations, Core BTS has you covered.

Perform. Predict. Empower.

Our team offers performance analytics, predictive analytics, and AI-powered solutions to help your dealership achieve its goals.

Push Performance Higher

Tap advanced performance analytics to identify trends, track KPIs, and make data-driven decisions to strengthen customer loyalty, optimize operations, improve profitability, and boost the success of your dealership group overall.

Forecast Your Future

Leverage predictive analytics to understand customer behavior so you can better inform marketing strategies and proactively allocate resources, enhance service offerings, and improve customer experience for greater loyalty and satisfaction.

Harness The Power Of AI

Embrace Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data from various touch points across the automotive industry, helping you identify purchasing patterns, drive greater revenue, and boost customer lifetime value.

Automotive. Technology. Experience. Core BTS.

From dealership performance to customer satisfaction, exceeding expectations is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve been there and done precisely that. You’re held to the highest standards, and we’re up to the task of helping you exceed them.

Modern Workplace

Enable Digital Work to Enhance the Employee Experience and Transform Business Processes


Integrate Artificial Intelligence into Mission-critical applications and operations

Applications and Data

Leverage modern applications and advanced data strategies to elevate every experience and empower every employee

Hybrid Infrastructure

Future-Proof Your Foundation & Conquer the Cloud

End-to-End Security

Bulletproof Your Business & Evolve Your Security Foundation

Managed Services

Empower Business Resiliency, optimize operations and gain cost predictability

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It starts here. Performance analytics, predictive analytics, and AI-powered solutions can lead your dealership group to new heights. Core BTS can show you the way.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Automotive Experience?

Our team is ready to help you create a better future for your automotive industry business, provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.