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Dealership Performance Analytics


Tap advanced performance analytics to make data-driven decisions that help accelerate the success of your dealership group.

Enhance Overall Dealership Group Performance

Performance analytics have the power to identify trends, track KPIs, and deliver many other valuable insights, empowering you to make smarter decisions grounded in facts about your dealership group.

By partnering with Core BTS, we’ll help you make the most of your data to better strengthen customer loyalty, optimize operations, improve profitability, and boost overall performance.

Analyze. Optimize. Maximize.

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Get the Full Picture

Designed specifically for automotive retail dealership groups, our performance dashboard consolidates data from multiple locations, providing real-time analytics and insights on KPIs – including sales, revenue, profitability, inventory turnover, and customer satisfaction – to help you identify trends, benchmark performance, and make informed, data-driven decisions to improve your overall group performance.

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Compare and Conquer

Our comparative analysis tool empowers dealership groups to rate the performance of individual dealerships by analyzing data on sales, customer retention, employee productivity, and more. Armed with these insights, you can identify best practices, and implement strategies to improve underperforming locations.

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Keep Customers Coming Back

Built to analyze data across multiple dealerships in a group, our customer acquisition and retention analytics platform provides you with insights on acquisition channels, lifetime value, and retention strategies. By better understanding customer behavior and preferences, you’ll be able to optimize marketing efforts and strengthen loyalty.

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Make More of Your Inventory

Designed to track inventory data, sales trends, and market demand, our inventory management and sales performance analytics platform provides a clear window into product turnover, aging stock, and sales performance by make and model to help you optimize inventory levels and align sales strategies for maximized profitability.

Perform. Predict. Empower.

In addition to performance analytics, our team also offers predictive analytics and AI-powered solutions to help your dealership achieve its goals.

Forecast Your Future

Leverage predictive analytics to understand customer behavior so you can better inform marketing strategies and proactively allocate resources, enhance service offerings, and improve customer experience for greater loyalty and satisfaction.

Harness the Power of AI

Embrace Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data from various touch points across the automotive industry, helping you identify purchasing patterns, drive greater revenue, and boost customer lifetime value.


Make your move. Partner with Core BTS to leverage the power of advanced performance analytics and point your dealership group in the right direction.

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