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Predictive Sales & Service Analytics


Utilize predictive sales and service analytics to understand customer behavior so you can drive greater loyalty, satisfaction, and profitability.

Forecast Your Future with Informed Insights

Predictive sales and service analytics not only enable you to better understand customer behavior, they empower you to stay ahead of the curve by projecting customer needs before they’re needed.

By partnering with Core BTS, we’ll help you leverage analytics to better inform marketing strategies and proactively allocate resources, enhance service offerings, and improve customer experience to drive greater loyalty, satisfaction and overall customer lifetime value.

Integrate. Inform. Inspire.

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Consolidate Customer Insights

Designed specifically for auto dealerships, our integrated customer data platform consolidates data from various sources including CRM, service records, and sales transactions to deliver comprehensive analytics and insights that help you optimize marketing strategies, improve retention, and increase customer lifetime value.

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Predict Potential Value

By analyzing historical sales data, customer demographics, and market trends, our predictive sales analytics provides dealerships with informed predictions on the potential value of each customer. This allows you to prioritize sales efforts, allocate resources, and effectively tailor marketing campaigns.

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Segment Your Customers

Dig into data, such as purchase history, service records, and online behavior, to segment your customers into distinct groups based on their preferences and needs. This empowers you to personalize marketing messages, offers, and experiences to boost customer engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, customer lifetime value.

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Drive Repeat Business

Analyze service records, vehicle diagnostics, and customer feedback to gain insights on satisfaction, service quality, and maintenance needs. Our service maintenance analytics platform will help you optimize processes, enhance experiences and drive greater customer lifetime value through repeat business and referrals.

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Project Future Maintenance

By leveraging data analytics and IoT sensors, our predictive maintenance solutions enable you to proactively identify potential vehicle issues, schedule maintenance appointments, and provide personalized recommendations to customers. This helps you enhance satisfaction and increase revenue through improved service offerings.

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Inspire Customer Loyalty

Identify at-risk customers, track loyalty metrics, and develop retention strategies with our comprehensive customer retention loyalty management platform. The platform enables you to proactively address customer concerns, provide personalized offers, and foster long-term relationships in order to drive more repeat purchases.

Perform. Predict. Empower.

In addition to predictive sales and service analytics, our team also offers predictive analytics and AI-powered solutions to help your dealership achieve its goals.

Push Performance Higher

Tap advanced performance analytics to identify trends, track KPIs, and make data-driven decisions to strengthen customer loyalty, optimize operations, improve profitability, and boost the success of your dealership group overall.

Harness the Power of AI

Embrace Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data from various touch points across the automotive industry, helping you identify purchasing patterns, drive greater revenue, and boost customer lifetime value.


Gain greater insights, drive greater business. Core BTS analyzes your sales and service data to help you confidently predict what customers want and need.

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