How Core BTS Drives Transformation: Collaborating with a National Bank to Reshape and Elevate the Help Desk Experience


Uplifting Customer Experience: Core BTS Redefines a National Bank's Help Desk Service

Business Situation

Providing financial services to customers across 10 states, this mid-sized national bank headquartered in Pennsylvania strongly believes in delivering dedicated personal service for the businesses, professionals, individuals, and families that it works with.

But when it came to the service being provided by its help desk services, the bank didn’t feel that expectations were being met – and it needed to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Our Solution

Core BTS had a prior relationship with this bank, dating back to when the institution was founded and our team provided it with managed services. A few years later, the bank’s leadership made the decision to go in a different direction, but that didn’t work out as hoped – and so, they returned to Core BTS for help.

After conducting an assessment of the current help desk situation and needs, we developed a solution that included augmenting the bank’s current staff by having three dedicated resources for the account.

This meant that when inquiries and service requests came in, they didn’t simply go into a pool of anonymous reps. Rather, the calls were assigned to a rep that is truly part of the bank, enabling service to be more friendly, knowledgeable, and customized.


The Results

The help desk solution worked out so well that the bank approached our team to assume monitoring and management of the institution’s devices – which Core BTS had originally overseen when the bank was founded.

Today, Core BTS continues to help the bank establish and optimize its processes and reporting to help better inform future decision-making.