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The days of manually aggregating your different education data into spreadsheets are in the past. There’s a smarter way to manage student data and optimize educational outcomes. We’ll show you how.

Your Student Data Deserves a Higher Grade of Clarity

School districts and universities are overflowing with unorganized, inaccessible data, making it challenging for teachers to efficiently support students.

CoreScholar transforms this chaos into clarity, integrating diverse testing data with student information to deliver real-time, actionable insights through visually interactive reports.

This enables teachers to identify and address individual learning needs promptly, track progress over time, and leverage AI to predict future performance, elevating education to new heights.

Built for Any School & Every Student

Whether your institution covers K-12 or higher education, CoreScholar offers the tools to deepen your data insights and elevate your educational efforts.

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Base Package

Gain access to our standard set of advanced analytics dashboards and data reports based on the size of your district or institution.


Custom Package

Customize your dashboard and data reports to meet your district or institution’s unique requirements by building upon our base package offering.

Optimize. Integrate. Analyze.

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Focus Your Educational Efforts

With real-time insights into student performance, you can know exactly where your educational energy should be focused right now.

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Integrate Any Data Sources

CoreScholar can integrate multiple data sources, 
allowing you to correlate student enrollment and attendance to achievement testing results.

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Track Progress Over Time

Level up your insights. With CoreScholar, you can track the progress of students from grade level to grade level.

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Analyze Individual Students and School

Get granular by analyzing individual student profiles featuring scores and percentile ranks across different test strands.

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View the Big Picture

Compare and contrast student proficiencies across different tests, by grade, and by cohort.

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Understand Student Segments

Gain insights into student demographics as they correlate to variables, including test results, attendance, and course enrollment.

How CoreScholar Works

Discover the streamlined process CoreScholar employs to transform your educational data into actionable insights, from initial data sourcing to advanced reporting.


Data comes from flat files, API feeds, or databases


Mappings defined between sources and analytic data model


Scheduled processes automatically 
extract data


Every data extraction audited and archived


Data conformed using defined mappings to model


Visual reporting tools access the model enabling decision-making

CoreScholar in Action

Pushing education to the next frontier

Case Study: Development in Education

Maximizing Time & Data: Helping a School District Make Education Mean the Most for Teachers and Students

Our analytics deliver insights about student progress that inform teachers where they should focus their time and energy to help drive greater improvement.


Supporting modern students demands modern technology. From K-12 to higher education, we arm educators and administrators with the AI-driven analytics solutions they need to understand how students and schools are performing today – and what they need to be better tomorrow.

Ready to Transform Your Educational Experiences?

Our team is on standby to assist you in forging a brighter future for your educational institutions and districts, offering further details, or addressing any queries you might have.