Unlocking Potential: CoreScholar’s Impact on Education

How Core BTS is Empowering Educators With A Game-Changer in Data-Driven Education


Business Situation

The Kimberly Area School District (KASD) in northeastern Wisconsin, serving over 5,100 students across nine schools, faced a significant challenge in maximizing educational outcomes due to data overload. Despite having vast amounts of student data from multiple standardized tests, the educators struggled to integrate this data effectively into their teaching strategies. The data, disconnected from the district’s student information system, required excessive manual processing, making timely and informed intervention almost impossible. The district recognized the urgent need for a modern solution that could streamline data analysis and enhance decision-making processes to improve educational outcomes.

Our Solution

In response, Core BTS, leveraging our status as a Managed Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, developed CoreScholar utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI technologies. This innovative solution integrates standardized test results with the district’s student information system, providing a visually interactive reporting system. Educators can now gain deep insights into student performance and progress, enabling targeted interventions. CoreScholar simplifies the analysis of complex data sets, combining demographic, attendance, and academic performance data to track student progress across grade levels, thus removing the burden of manual data processing.

The Results

The implementation of CoreScholar has revolutionized how KASD manages and utilizes educational data. The solution has impacted over 10,000 current and former students, allowing educators to assess and respond to student needs swiftly and effectively. Administrators, teachers, and parents now benefit from access to comprehensive analytics, facilitating more informed discussions and strategic planning. The system’s flexibility ensures that KASD can adapt to future technological advancements, positioning the district at the forefront of educational innovation. Through this partnership, the technology solutions provider has not only enhanced the learning environment for students but also set a new standard in educational problem-solving and data-driven decision making.

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