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Core BTS partners with leading state governments and local municipalities,
leveraging technology to help the public sector better serve the public’s needs.

The Next Evolution of Governance Starts Here

Tomorrow’s governance begins today. Working in tandem with forward-thinking state and local governments across the country, Core BTS stands on the leading edge of digital transformation in the public sector.

Our partnerships are revolutionizing governing bodies by leveraging the latest technology to enhance efficiency, foster transparency, and improve service delivery to better meet the needs of constituents.

By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, we’re not just able to respond to changes in an ever-evolving world, we can actually anticipate them.

Together, we’re opening doors through technology that lead to modernized infrastructure, greater innovation, and improved outcomes for communities.

Two decades of expertise in providing the public sector with tailored
IT solutions
Leading digital transformation with innovative technologies for better efficiency and engagement
Empowering government to improve service delivery, enhance efficiency, foster transparency, innovate, and better serve the needs of their constituents

“For the past 20 years, Core BTS has been at the forefront of catalyzing digital transformation in the public sector, driving impactful change, addressing challenges, fostering innovation, and relentlessly pursuing solutions that tangibly improve the lives of constituents and ultimately lead to more sustainable communities.”

Tony DeFeciani

Senior Vice President, SLED

Empowering Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow

Technology-Driven Government Solutions

Core BTS is leveraging the latest technology to revolutionize how state and local governments can best serve their constituents. We’re not just preparing leaders for a brighter future – we’re helping them shape it.


Governance. Technology. Experience. Core BTS.

From public infrastructure to the delivery of public services, exceeding the expectations of constituents is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve been there, and we’ve helped governments do precisely that. You’re held to the highest of standards, and we’re up to the task of helping you surpass them.

Applications and Data

Leverage modern applications and advanced data strategies to elevate every experience and empower every employee

Hybrid Infrastructure

Future-proof your foundation & conquer the cloud


Integrate artificial intelligence into mission-critical applications and operations

Modern Workplace

Enable digital work to enhance the employee experience and transform business processes

End-to-End Security

Protect your business & evolve your security foundation

Managed Services

Empower business resiliency, optimize operations, and gain cost predictability


There’s a better way to meet the needs of your governing body’s constituents. And it’s driven by technology. At Core BTS, we’ll help you put innovation into service.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Governance Experience?

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