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Your organization has a wealth of data and a world of applications. But to help you make the most
of both, you need a partner with the strategic expertise and architecture know-how to put it all
together and bring smarter business to life.

Make Your Data and Apps Mean More

Your organization’s greatest competitive advantage can be found on the inside. You just need the right partner to help you mine the gold.

At Core BTS, we’ll help you transform your company’s treasure trove of data into actionable business insights and then connect your employees to it all through secure, custom applications that empower better decision-making, bigger ideas, and bolder innovation.

A lot of companies out there can collect data and develop apps. But Core BTS develops holistic solutions powered by strategic, data-driven business insights and modern applications that create connected experiences.

That distinction is what makes us different – and how we can make you different too.

Data & Applications

Creating Connections

Data & Apps

Kroger Health is Reimagining Healthcare Through Cloud Modernization

See how we helped Kroger Health deploy a solution to deliver and administer COVID-19 vaccines to their customers and communities across more than 35 states.
Data & Apps

Trek Expands Opportunities with Flagship Mobile App

Trek's BCycle wanted an easier way to provide transportation through bike-sharing. See how we made BCycle's entry into a new market painless and successful.

Integrate. Activate. Accelerate.

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Build a Stronger Foundation

A well-built data foundation enables your organization to utilize analytics and AI to forecast sales, decrease time-to-market, and quickly adapt to environmental factors. We can help you standardize, govern, and model your data so you can make more informed business decisions.

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Turn Insights into Action

Dive into your data and discover what it can truly do. We develop data analytics solutions that can empower your employees to uncover actionable insights that can help increase your revenue, cut costs, streamline operations, and drive profitability.

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See What You’re Missing

When it comes to data analysis, seeing is believing. We’ll visualize your data through interactive dashboards, mobile applications, scorecards, and custom reports to help you simplify the complex into information that’s easy to understand – and act upon.

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Integrated Web Applications

We can deliver a secure and scalable web application that integrates with existing environments for a modern, hybrid solution with a strong user experience. And if rehosting is needed, we can move your app from its current environment to new infrastructure or the cloud.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

For cross-platform mobile applications – from the standard to the complex – we’ll handle the entire development lifecycle including design, usability testing, technical architecture, back-end system integration, deployment, and ongoing support.

Strategy & Security

Innovation. Action. Guidance.

We offer the strategic expertise and architecture know-how to help take your organization’s data, applications, and overall business to the next level.

Connected Solutions

We’ll help integrate your applications and ensure that data can be seamlessly shared across your organization, empowering your employees with the technology, tools, and insights they need to work smarter ­– and faster.

Intelligent Applications

With intelligent apps capable of making predictions and suggestions based on historical and real-time data from user interactions and other sources, you can open up new avenues of transforming company data into actionable insights.

Real-Time Analytics

The ability to react in real-time to changes in your market or with client behavior can help your organization quickly identify potential problems and address them before they become significant ones.

Data Governance

We’ll help you set internal policies to manage how your organization’s data is gathered, stored, and processed, as well as which employees have access to which information – helping to ensure more reliable data quality, security, and privacy.

Data Visualizations

Transform raw data into intuitive visuals, enabling quick insights and informed decisions. Seamless integration ensures real-time data flow across your applications.

API Integration

Maximize your tech investment with a well-architected API. Our team is experienced with integrating both custom and off-the-shelf APIs to help provide your company with smoother communication, improved performance, and reliable scalability.

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The biggest business success is built through actionable insights and powerful collaboration. Core BTS offers the strategic expertise and architecture excellence to help your data and applications deliver both.

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