Choose a technology partner with a proven history of helping casinos open on time and on budget with digital operations sure to be on the money.

Proven Track Record

Core BTS boasts an impressive 100% success rate in opening casinos on time and under budget.

Extensive Experience

We've successfully delivered IT solutions for over 50 casino openings, ensuring smooth launches and happy clients.

Streamlined IT Infrastructure

Our comprehensive solution contemplates everything - design, deployment, and customization - for your network, data center, collaboration systems, and data security.

Put the Odds of an Amazing Casino Opening in Your Favor

Your casino only opens for the first time once, so making a magical initial impression is crucial. Choosing a technology partner with a proven history of successful casino openings is the smart bet.

At Core BTS, we've executed IT plans for over 50 casinos across the United States. We are experts in the gaming industry, developing both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

Our team will create a customized plan to ensure your casino's digital infrastructure is modern, fast, and adaptable from Day 1.

Reliable. Resilient. Remarkable.

Don't let cyberattacks be the house that always wins. Core BTS builds secure, high-performing networks for a flawless gaming experience – from pre-built infrastructure to cutting-edge features, all delivered on time and on budget. We make your grand opening remarkable, not regrettable.

End-to-End Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are relentless. We’ll
make sure your casino is prepared to
combat them from the get-go with a
network that secures the end-to-end
gaming experience.

Pre-Built Infrastructure

When you’re ready for your data
center, we’ll have it ready for you. We
pre-build, stage, and configure your
infrastructure before shipping,
assembling, and activating.

Resilient Operations

Even a few minutes of downtime can
translate into massive losses. We’ll
ensure your casino’s machines are
powered and protected by the latest
technology offerings.

Cutting-Edge Experiences

From configuring in-room digital features
to optimizing housekeeping
communications and more, we’ll help
your guests experience the remarkable.

On Time and On Budget

We’ll customize an IT plan to fit your
property, your budget, and your timeline
and deliver the efficiency in execution
that’s needed to stay on target.

Gaming. Technology. Experience. Core BTS.

From the first swipe to the last sip, exceeding expectations is no easy task. Luckily, we’ve been there, and we’ve done precisely that. You’re held to the highest of standards, and we’re up to the task of helping you exceed them.


Data & Applications

Leverage modern applications and advanced data strategies to elevate every experience and empower every employee

Hybrid Infrastructure

Future-proof your foundation & conquer the cloud


Integrate artificial intelligence into mission-critical applications and operations

Modern Work

Enable digital work to enhance the employee experience and transform business processes

End-to-End Security

Protect your business & evolve your security foundation

Managed Services

Empower business resiliency, optimize operations, and gain cost predictability

Deal a strong opening hand

In today’s gaming industry, competition is fierce and expectations are high. At Core BTS, we can help you open a casino that gives your guests the world-class experience they demand with the reliable IT infrastructure you deserve.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience?

Our team is ready to help you create a better future for your gaming environments,
provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.