MW Employee Experience & Digital Workplace

Employee Experience & Digital Workplace

Modern Employees
Demand Modern Environments

Whether your team works on-site, remote, or hybrid, Core BTS can help elevate the employee experience with AI-enabled tools and automated workflows that enhance collaboration, boost productivity, and drive success.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Better Productivity

At Core BTS, we’ll help you deliver modern work environments for your employees by ensuring top-quality touchpoints with innovative technologies that help them to do their jobs better than ever.

By implementing AI-driven tools such as Power Platform, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, we can help your team establish stronger connections and drive better decision-making. By automating workflows, we can streamline operations and empower greater efficiency.

And by transforming your company’s digital business processes, we can help you boost your bottom line.

Integrated. Automated. Enhanced.


Streamline Workflows

With low-code, no-code solutions, any member of your team can easily create and modify workflows, accelerating tasks and reducing reliance on IT support.


Embrace Automation

Leverage Power Platform to automate routine tasks, streamline data processes, and tailor solutions to efficiently meet operational challenges and boost productivity.


Achieve Compliance

Centralize data management with SharePoint to enhance access, security, and collaboration across your organization to help ensure regulatory compliance.


Enhance Communication

Use Microsoft Teams for seamless messaging, video calls, and project coordination, integrating with Microsoft 365 tools to streamline workflows and elevate efficiency.


Improve Decision-Making

Streamline decision-making with automated workflows and centralized data management, reducing manual work and enhancing data access.


Collaborative. Productive. Transformative.

In addition to enhancing your Employee Experience & Digital Workplace, Core BTS offers additional innovative solutions designed to revolutionize your organization.

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Security, Compliance & Identity

Secure your digital environment using a Zero Trust approach with identity verification and multi-factor authentication.

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Mergers & Migration

Ensure smooth mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures by aligning and optimizing IT resources, migrating data, managing risks, and reducing disruptions to service.


Endpoint Management

Modernize your device administration and strengthen security with cloud-based endpoint management that helps deliver compliance and optimized productivity.


Tomorrow’s workplace is ready for your team today. At Core BTS, we’ll help you leverage the latest tools and technologies to embrace the digital future and elevate the employee experience.

Modernize Your Work Today