Modernizing the Tax Industry with NATP, Core BTS and Microsoft Collaboration


In the high-stakes environment of the tax industry, especially during the frantic pace of tax season, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) recognized an opportunity to qualify innovation to enhance the quality of its services.

Tax season, a period marked by long hours and the pressure to meet tight deadlines, demands efficiency and accuracy. Delays can have significant consequences. In this context, NATP sought to transform service delivery to its membership of more than 23,000 tax professionals nationwide.

Collaborating with the digital transformation experts at Core BTS, NATP set out to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to not only enhance its member services but also to redefine industry standards altogether.


An industry cornerstone known for providing tax professionals with essential support, education, and guidance, NATP was looking to modernize its offerings to boost operational efficiency through digital transformation.

Beyond that, a bold initiative utilizing AI had the potential to uplift the entire tax industry by setting a new benchmark through the deployment of cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

With the intensity of tax season, NATP faced the dual challenge of optimizing its resources while also enhancing service quality. To address these challenges, the association approached Core BTS with two primary goals:

  1. Develop an AI-powered chatbot: This chatbot needed to efficiently sift through NATP’s extensive database of more than 460,000 tax-related questions and answers and provide quick answers. The aim was to slash response times to questions from days to mere minutes – and ultimately to just seconds – in order to significantly elevate service quality during the pivotal tax season. This rapid turnaround time was vital in ensuring that tax professionals could access the information they needed without delay, rapidly facilitating their ability to serve their clients effectively.
  2. Leverage AI for personalized training recommendations: Beyond improving response times, NATP is exploring ways to use AI to enhance the value of its educational offerings. By creating personalized training recommendations for different business functions, NATP aimed to tailor its educational content to its members' specific needs and career goals. This customized content could help enhance professional development for members and improve competency in their field.

The Strategy and Implementation

To execute this AI-focused initiative, Core BTS developed a plan that employed an array of Microsoft technologies, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Open AI Services: Central to the development of the chatbot were Azure Open AI services, providing the sophisticated AI capabilities necessary to navigate and respond to complex tax-related queries swiftly and accurately.
  • Azure AI Search Service: This service played a crucial role in indexing and searching the expansive database of questions and answers, enabling the chatbot to deliver precise and efficient responses.

The Implementation Journey

The project commenced with an in-depth analysis of NATP’s database, pinpointing areas where AI could significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. A collaborative effort between the AI experts at Core BTS and the domain specialists at NATP ensured that the solutions developed were not only technically robust but also specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of tax professionals.

The Results and Impact

The implementation of the AI-powered chatbot marked a transformative moment for NATP, improving customer service by cutting response times from days to hours and, in many instances, to just seconds. This efficiency gain was particularly crucial during the tax season, underscoring the chatbot's profound impact not just for NATP but the broader tax industry as well.

Encouraged by the initial success, NATP is planning its next phase, aimed at using AI to generate personalized quizzes about training content and to recommend courses based on members’ career goals. This initiative promises to further enhance NATP’s mission of providing highly relevant and tailored educational resources to its members.

The Transformation

This partnership between NATP and Core BTS signifies a leap forward in using AI within professional associations. By embracing AI, NATP has not only streamlined its operations and improved its service offerings but has also positioned itself as a forward-thinking leader, paving the way for future innovation in the tax industry.


The collaboration between NATP, Core BTS and Microsoft is a powerful testament to the potential of strategic innovation and technology adoption in surmounting industry challenges. Together, this effort illustrates the efficacy of AI in revolutionizing service delivery and member experience, heralding a new era of efficiency and personalized education for tax professionals.