Security Managed Services



Free your time, and success will follow. Core BTS handles the details of daily security
operations for some of the world’s most transformative companies, allowing them to
focus on the bigger business picture.

Escape the Everyday

You’ve got enough on your plate. Let Core BTS lighten the load. We can quickly establish, operationalize, and mature your security operations through managed or co-managed solutions that help reduce costs and free your staff up to focus on high-value activities.

Be more productive. Be more cost-effective. Be more secure with managed services from Core BTS.

Manage. Monitor. Maximize.

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Vulnerability Management 
& Security Validation

We’ll test and gather information about your networks and applications so that we can assist you in addressing security vulnerabilities and malicious cyber threats.


Development & Automation Security

We put security at the forefront. That includes the software development and automation process, where we integrate it each step of the way.


Managed Detection & Response

Cyber threats never sleep. Neither do we. We provide fully managed 24/7 monitoring and threat hunting to free up your internal security team to focus on other priorities.

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Managed Services

From patch management to access management, firewalls to endpoints, and more, our team stands ready to help manage your daily security and technology needs.

Passionate. Relentless. Resolute.

These are the characteristics we bring to every engagement at Core BTS.

In addition to security advisory, we work closely with your teams across security operations and managed services to custom-design and build an engagement approach that optimizes cybersecurity for your organization.

Security Advisory

With our cybersecurity assistance and guidance, your organization can better protect critical infrastructure, data, and systems from cyber threats and breaches.

Security Operations

Better guard your organizations, systems, networks, applications, and data from digital attacks with our monitoring, analysis, and rapid response to security incidents.


And that should include you and your staff. Let Core BTS manage the day-to-day grind of
cybersecurity, so your team can be free to focus on building your business.

Secure Your Future Today

Our team is ready to help you put security at your company’s core, provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.