Security Operations



Many firms can only advise what you need to protect your organization from cyber threats. They can’t actually implement it. At Core BTS, our operations team has the know-how to help make reliable security become your reality. 

Combat Threats, Not Momentum

As your firm accelerates digital transformation with the adoption of AI, it can open up a world of exciting new opportunities. Problem is, it can open a world of new opportunities for cybercriminals as well.

To help your organization’s cybersecurity keep pace with your growth, you need a digital partner that specializes in implementing, integrating, and improving your operational security activities to battle emerging and evolving cyber threats.

At Core BTS, we don’t just talk about security. We design and deploy advanced solutions that help address your risks, achieve your business goals, and stop cyber threats cold in their tracks.

Implement. Integrate. Improve.

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Identity & Access Management

We design and deploy secure, enterprise-grade solutions that help make sure the right people have access to the right assets at the right time for the right reasons.


Endpoint Security, 
Device Management & XDR

From workstations to servers to mobile devices, we help fully integrate cybersecurity protection across your organization’s entire technical landscape.

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Network & Cloud Security

First-Party. Third-Party. Multi-Cloud. SaaS. On-Premise. Virtual. Your organization utilizes many infrastructure technologies, and we can help secure any workstream.

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Data Security

Protecting your data is our primary focus. From governance and classification to loss prevention and access controls, we help develop solutions for every data security need.

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Testing Services

Through simulated cyberattacks and other proactive measures, our rigorous testing services help identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your system or network.

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Incident Response Readiness 
& Support

When faced with a data breach or major cyberattack, it’s critical to have a partner you trust. We are that partner. We can provide the products and services to reduce the impact of a breach and get you up and running quickly.

Passionate. Relentless. Resolute.

These are the characteristics we bring to every engagement at Core BTS.

In addition to security advisory, we work closely with your teams across security operations and managed services to custom-design and build an engagement approach that optimizes cybersecurity for your organization.

Security Advisory

With our cybersecurity assistance and guidance, your organization can better protect critical infrastructure, data, and systems from cyber threats and breaches.

Managed Services

Let us help you establish, operationalize, and mature your security operations, reducing your costs and freeing your staff up to focus on high-value activities.


When it comes to your organization’s cybersecurity, you need a proven partner you can count on. Our tested and trusted team will improve security of your data and systems so you can be better positioned to secure success.

Secure Your Future Today

Our team is ready to help you put security at the core of your company, provide you with more information, or answer any questions you may have.