Investing in the Future: CoreAIR by Core BTS Helps a Leading Regional Bank Modernize its Data Center Network Infrastructure


Business Situation

With more than 200 locations providing financial services to over 100 communities across the Midwest, this regional bank has a mission: Put people at the center of their financial health.

The institution was experiencing such rapid growth, however, that its existing data center was running out of capacity. As it turned out, the health of its own network infrastructure was in need of a boost. Here's where CoreAIR (Application Infrastructure Readiness) by Core BTS comes in.


Our Solution

Initially, the bank turned to Core BTS asking us to help add data center capacity to account for incremental growth and keep the network up and running. But we quickly recognized that the company was only looking at a tactical response to the capacity issue when it needed to take a big-picture, strategic view of its infrastructure environment and ask whether it could support the current and future needs of the business.

Core BTS engaged in this strategic conversation with the bank’s leadership about modernizing their entire infrastructure environment and came to the decision that CoreAIR fit the profile. Following a series of conversations about scope and budget, the CoreAIR plan was mapped out over 18 months to allow significant changes to be made without interruption to the business. The project would include the elimination of legacy hardware with modern alternatives to create additional data center capacity.

Beyond the scale of the long-term project, a big challenge for Core BTS was that the bank needed to remain operational 24/7 throughout with no interruptions in service.


The Results

Our CoreAIR team rose to the occasion every step of the way. Over 18 months, we transformed the bank’s entire data center network infrastructure at each of their data centers – and we achieved it all while avoiding any significant disruption to the bank’s operations.

Along the way, our team uncovered multiple instances of patchwork engineering where legacy tool sets were being used to resolve issues they were not designed to address. We replaced these unreliable workarounds with modern technologies purpose-built as specific solutions.

The net result for the overall project was enhanced data center capacity, greater bandwidth, and much-improved applications performance that the bank continues to enjoy system-wide today.