Core BTS Helps Regional Banking Leader Evaluate, Elevate & Embed Security Operations


 Core BTS Helps Regional Banking Leader Evaluate, Elevate, and Embed Security Throughout all Operations

Business Situation

As a regional leader offering a wide range of financial services, products, and solutions for individual, family, and business customers at five locations, this Eastern Pennsylvania bank had an extensive security team on staff.

But the bank also appreciated the necessity of bringing in a second set of very experienced eyes to identify business risks within the company’s technology stack and cybersecurity processes. 



To maintain the highest vigilance and keep it ahead of cyber threats, this regional banking leader turned to Core BTS. Our team went to work and began providing ongoing security assessments of the bank’s policies and processes to accurately track and trend risk and posture and recommend necessary improvements.

Three-Phase Approach:

Phase 1: Security Assessments & Solutions

Through our initial security assessment of the bank’s operations, Core BTS identified potential business risks and worked closely with the bank’s internal team to implement new security controls.

Our teams worked closely over three years to conduct annual assessments and to implement the latest measures against advanced threats.

Phase 2: Ongoing Vulnerability Management

Knowing that the cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving, the bank decided to expand its relationship with Core BTS.

During the following two years, the bank regularly engaged our managed assessment service to obtain actionable risk information.

Phase 3: Full Security Management

In 2021, the bank signed on to our Secure by Design program, fully outsourcing security management to Core BTS.


With Core BTS managing its cybersecurity, the bank’s internal team is now focusing less on combating security risks and more on its core purpose of serving clients through the brand promise of tearing down barriers between staff and customers to provide one-on-one financial consultations and  the answers that customers need.