Core BTS Helps Leading Battery Manufacturer Ensure Ongoing Application Security


Core BTS Helps Leading Battery Manufacturer Maintain the Highest Degree of Ongoing Application Security Business Situation

Business Situation

One of the largest lead battery manufacturers in the world made it a priority to streamline its vendor management process using an internally developed web application. 

But without the necessary in-house security expertise to secure the platform, this company needed an experienced partner to ensure the platform was both fully accessible and all interactions fully protected for its vendors. 

Our Solution

Enter Core BTS. To develop a plan to assist with the execution of application security assessments and the implementation of Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps) within the software development cycle, the industry-leading battery manufacturer tapped our team. 

Three-Phase Approach:

Phase 1: Security Assessments

In month one, we began with a series of static, dynamic, and interactive application security assessments, enabling our team to identify security risks before deploying the application to a public-facing, cloud-based environment.

Phase 2: Security Workshops

In month two, we then turned our focus to numerous other security and cloud-related topics, holding training workshops with key employees so the battery manufacturer’s internal team could be capable of addressing secure coding and cloud deployments on an ongoing basis. 

Phase 3: Continuous DevSecOps

In month three, insights from our security evaluations were integrated into the coding and QA processes. These measures ensured that all code was adequately reviewed from a security perspective before anything was deployed into production.



Together, we moved quickly and empowered the right team members with the necessary knowledge to maintain the highest degree of security within their applications. The execution of our plan resulted in improved security controls for the battery manufacturer’s vendor management platform.

Core BTS empowered the company’s internal team to become self-sufficient and, moving forward, internally support ongoing application security needs, reducing costs and risks for this global manufacturing leader.