Core BTS Sets Up Global Semiconductor Manufacturer for Ongoing Security & Compliance Success


Core BTS Sets Up Global Semiconductor Manufacturer for Ongoing Security & Compliance Success

Business Situation

One of the world’s largest semiconductor foundries was experiencing rapid growth. And with operations spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia, this industry leader recognized that an increased risk of cyberattacks comes with such growth.

To address these emerging threats, the company needed to develop a comprehensive security solution capable of protecting its on-premises and cloud data services. 

Our Solution

To tackle its growing security challenge, the semiconductor manufacturer partnered with Core BTS. Our team devised a comprehensive security strategy to safeguard the company’s on-premises and cloud data services.

Three-Phase Approach:

Phase 1: Governance, Risk & Compliance Assessment (GRC) 

Core BTS initiated a comprehensive assessment of compliance and regulatory policies relevant to the semiconductor manufacturing and design industry. Based on the findings, Core BTS formulated recommendations to update the manufacturer’s policies and define the prerequisites for Microsoft Purview.

Phase 2: Microsoft Defender Deployment

During the winter months, Core BTS meticulously designed the architecture for Microsoft Defender. In the spring, the manufacturer rolled out this security solution globally. Microsoft Defender now shields the company’s devices, identities, data, and applications from malicious cyber threats.

Phase 3: Microsoft Purview Implementation

With the successful launch of Microsoft Defender, Core BTS proceeded to the next phase, deploying the Microsoft Purview portal. This portal ensures ongoing support for the manufacturer’s updated organizational compliance and regulatory policies.


Cyberthreats are relentless. But with the right strategy and team, staying a step ahead is not only possible, but imperative.

Thanks to the deployment of Microsoft Defender by Core BTS, this industry leader in semiconductor manufacturing can rest assured that its systems are protected against attacks.

With the establishment of the Microsoft Purview portal for the company, the foundation for monitoring data security and ensuring regulatory compliance is firmly in place for the manufacturer’s operations worldwide.