Expertise-in-a-Pinch: Core BTS Helped a Top Regional Bank Migrate its Data Center to a New Location Under a Tight Timeline


Business Situation

Offering a broad array of financial services at more than 200 locations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, this leading Mid-Atlantic regional bank is known for building strong relationships with customers and helping to build stronger communities.

When a planned exit was looming from the wholly owned building housing the bank’s data center, the major focus was on ensuring that the move went seamlessly and maintained continuity across all operations. To get that job done – and done right – the bank’s leaders also knew they needed an experienced partner. Enter Core BTS.

Our Solution

Moving a large company’s entire data center network from one physical location to another is an incredibly complicated process involving countless details. Any time you touch a data center, there are vast implications across the business, and it’s necessary to ensure that everything is transferred seamlessly with no interruptions to the bank’s day-to-day operations.

Those intricate requirements are why Core BTS was perfect for the job. Our team has extensive prior experience managing such complicated migration projects and the technical and logistical know-how to complete it quickly while ensuring continuity.

For the bank, our team of engineers and architects got to work developing the architectural design and the implementation and migration plans. By mapping out everything from the new location’s floor plan to the most minute details of what cable to plug back into which port, we were able to assume full responsibility for the migration, direct the client team for each task, and put bank leadership’s minds at ease.


The Results

For the bank, Core BTS was the right choice to take on a project of this scope and scale because we’ve done it before.

With our proven methodology for managing data center migrations from start to finish, we don’t only manage this transition for clients – we help to maximize it as well. As we move forward, we’re continuing to evolve as we work hand-in-hand with the client to make the most of a big move.