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Proactively Enhance Enterprise Application Security

Learn the importance of a proactive, security-first approach in enterprise application development with secure coding, testing, and a Zero Trust methodology.

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7 IT Cost Reduction Strategies

Reducing IT costs doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing performance or functionality. Here are some strategies for reducing IT costs while maintaining the quality of your technology infrastructure.

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How to Implement Effective Cloud Spend Management

Whether you’re grappling with managing your cloud expenditure or starting to explore the potential of cloud computing, this article will be your roadmap to efficient cloud spend management.

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8 Key Principles of Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimizing cloud costs is critical to cost-effective cloud usage. In this blog, we share 8 key principles to help your organization optimize performance.

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Effective Cloud Cost Optimization Depends on Governance

Governance is crucial for cloud cost optimization because it provides a framework for managing resources, controlling costs, and ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

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Your Domain in the Cloud with Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Here’s how to understand the Domain Services feature for Azure Active Directory, why it exists, and how you can use it in cloud solutions for your organization.

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prepare for changing IT landscape

How to Prepare Your Company for a Changing IT Landscape

Prepare your organization for an ever-changing information technology landscape and leverage the competitive advantages that come with increased functionality.

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Windows Server 2012 End-of-Life Risks, Options, and Next Steps

Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 extended support ends October 2023. Here are the business implications, your options, and how to find your best path forward.

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Best IT Blogs: Our 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2022

As 2022 wraps, our 10 most popular blogs show that business leaders and influencers want to know how to make the most of their technology investments.

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Cloud Modernization: How to Migrate and Innovate in the Cloud

Cloud modernization doesn’t happen overnight. To succeed, follow these two phases to reap the benefits of the cloud to modernize and optimize your business.

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