Application Modernization

Software engineers brainstorming how to modernize an application portfolio.

Enhancing Application Portfolio Capabilities Through Modernization

With technology and market demands changing rapidly, businesses must evolve their capabilities and find innovative ways to stay competitive. Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly turning to modernization to bridge the gap. Application modernization is crucial to maintaining business performance and agility in a constantly evolving landscape. It empowers internal teams with all the capabilities of the…

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CSP representative chatting with a business executive.

Mastering Cloud Migration from selecting CSPs to Prepping for Audits

Here’s what you need to know about the complexities of CSP selection, Microsoft portfolio management, and audit preparedness. Modern businesses urgently need to evolve into nimble, fast-moving entities to keep up with growing margin pressures, changing regulatory and customer demands, constant innovation, and increasing competition.  Cloud modernization is essential to achieving that agility and staying…

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Manufacturing engineers discussing data insights from a computer.

Industry 4.0 on a Budget: Overcoming Resource Constraints for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing practices and needs to be on the C-suite agenda. We unpack its advantages and how to get started with a tight IT budget and lean internal staff.  The much-heralded fourth industrial age, or Industry 4.0, is a reality, and it’s hard to overestimate its significance. The systems and technologies behind…

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Revitalizing Productivity and Security: Conquering Aging Application Infrastructure Challenges with Modernization

Legacy or aging application infrastructure could hold you back more than you think. Discover how modernization revitalizes productivity and security.

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Transforming Collaboration for Enhanced Efficiency and Secure Connectivity

Core BTS is transforming collaboration and connectivity through digital transformation for Keystone Human Services. This article discusses common problems remote organizations face and how the problem is solved for a nonprofit organization.

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design patterns in healthcare software development feature

3 Design Patterns in Healthcare Software: A Recipe for Success

When we develop solutions for our clients, we use proven best practices called design patterns to create flexible, maintainable, and efficient software systems.

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legacy application modernization blog feature

Drive Business Growth with Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization is crucial for digital innovation. It offers scalability, cost reduction, and improved user experiences that drive business growth.

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enterprise application security blog feature

Proactively Enhance Enterprise Application Security

Learn the importance of a proactive, security-first approach in enterprise application development with secure coding, testing, and a Zero Trust methodology.

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application security testing blog feature

Fortify Your Apps with Application Security Testing (AST)

AST is vital for protecting apps from cyber threats. It uses DAST, SAST, and IAST, and requires integrating security early in development through DevSecOps.

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user story splitting guide feature image

What are User Stories and Why Should You Split Them?

Story splitting is one of the most deceptively difficult skills to master in agile. In this guide, we guide you through key concepts you need to follow.

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