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graphql api

How to Stand Up, Secure, and Deploy a GraphQL API with Azure AD B2C

This guide summarizes the process of standing up, securing, building, and deploying an API using GraphQL.NET, GraphiQL, ASP.NET Core, Azure AD B2C, and more.
Pointing to desktop screen with code

How to Unlock the Organizational Value of Digital Transformation

It's time to re-think the role and function of IT. Instead of being a stand-alone entity, it must be aligned with the business to deliver increased value.
Power Apps

When Is Your App Too Complex for Power Apps?

When is the business need and corresponding technical solution too complex for Power Apps? Here are some examples when a custom app may be the best choice.
Azure Devops

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Views

Azure DevOps can help you successfully manage a project. This blog highlights its many useful views including Work Items, Boards, Backlogs, Sprint, and more!
Managing Team Capacity

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Team Setup & Managing Capacity

Once you have picked a process template, decided to use area paths, and set up your sprints and schedule, then it’s time to set up your team and their capacity.
Agile Sprints

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Sprints

Once you've chosen your process template and area paths, it's time to set up your sprints! See how to create them, name them, and share them with your team.
App Repository

How to Build an Android App Repository

Repositories are a great way to set up a single access point to your database without making the rest of your Android app care about your data storage strategy.
Getting started

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Area Paths Tips

Most business analysts aren't even aware that the Area Path feature exists within Azure DevOps. Here's what it is and how it can be used.
Closeup of globe

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Template Tips

Azure DevOps includes 4 basic Process/System Templates to choose from. This is one of the first steps in setting up your system. But which one is right for you?
software testing

Why I Stopped Testing My Code (and You Should Too)

Here are 10 silly excuses I've used or heard for reasons to not write repeatable tests for one's own code. It's a great reminder to just write the tests.
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