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Andy Glassley

Using a strong background in app modernization and software development, Andy helps organizations accelerate digital transformation and align business goals to IT strategy. He specializes in guiding organizations through the development of holistic software solutions that delight users and speed time to market.

Cloud Deployment & Optimization

How Cloud Application Services Can Optimize Your Operations

Cloud services optimize operations, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we share some ways our CoreStratus offering can benefit your organization.
legacy application modernization blog feature
Application Modernization

Drive Business Growth with Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy application modernization is crucial for digital innovation. It offers scalability, cost reduction, and improved user experiences that drive business growth.
customer digital experience optimization
Application Modernization

Customer Digital Experience Optimization: Steps, Benefits, Tips

Creating positive digital experiences are vital to capture and keep market share. Here's how (and why) to create optimal online experiences with your business.
cloud modernization blog
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Cloud Modernization: How to Migrate and Innovate in the Cloud

Cloud modernization doesn’t happen overnight. To succeed, follow these two phases to reap the benefits of the cloud to modernize and optimize your business.
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