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Man guiding a robot using a Virtual Reality controller.

The Power of Data Governance in Manufacturing

How Data Governance Can Help Steer Manufacturing Towards Better Operations Key Takeaways Data drives technological and industrial advancement. Due to its value, data is becoming an increasingly important commodity. We are experiencing an overwhelming surge of information, akin to a data deluge. While we can’t stop this flood, we can manage and filter it through…

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Physician accessing a health system on a computer

Enhancing Patient Care: Overcoming Technological Hurdles for Improved Experiences

As technology disrupts the healthcare sector, organizations must leverage it to deliver better care and meet patient expectations. While healthcare is a hands-on field, technological advancements are transforming how caregivers deliver services—and how patients receive them. Technology solutions have proven to improve patient outcomes, increase patient volume, save money and time, and boost revenue. Perhaps…

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Data & Analytics

Empower your business with Core BTS. We specialize in transforming data into actionable insights and building custom applications that drive smarter decisions and stronger connections. Elevate your business strategy with our expert solutions.

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