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Data Analytics

The Power of Data Accessibility for Modern Businesses

Data accessibility is vital in today’s businesses, but varied data skills among team members can pose challenges. In this article, we explain how to build an accessible data culture.
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Data Analytics

Machine Learning Requires a Strong Data Foundation

Machine learning isn't a magic wand. It’s a tool that requires a strong data foundation. Here's how to build that foundation so you can get to machine learning.
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Data Analytics

Realtime vs Near-Realtime Data: Pros and Cons

What factors go into handling these data sources? How do we process them? How do we provide data visualizations based on those sources to meet business needs?
data modernization journey
Data Analytics

How to Jumpstart Your Data Modernization Journey

Most want to transform and modernize their data but don’t know how. Here's how to successfully guide your organization along its data modernization journey.
data-driven pitfalls
Data Analytics

Data-Driven Organizations Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls

Everyone wants to become data-driven. But, before you start modernizing your data, make sure you watch out for these common data transformation pitfalls.
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Data Analytics

Self-Service Analytics: The Pros and Cons

Self-Service analytics allows business users to start taking ownership of some of the work. This solves some businesses needs while creating other challenges.
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Productivity & Collaboration

How to Use Process Modeling to Model and Analyze BI Requirements

Process modeling is very flexible, can help you better understand current processes, and can help you document desired future states of processes.
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Productivity & Collaboration

How to Use Metrics and KPIs to Model and Analyze BI Requirements

Metrics and KPIs are among the primary techniques for anything related to BI. If you can measure it, you can report on it. The key is picking the right ones.
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Data Analytics

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: Pros and Cons

While it may be tempting to choose only the newer data lake format, or the tried-and-true data warehouse, both have pros and cons that we explore in this blog.
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Productivity & Collaboration

How to Use Decision Modeling to Model and Analyze BI Requirements

As it applies to Business Intelligence, decision modeling can be used to build out the repeatable decision logic for what to show on reports and dashboards.
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