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Scott Hietpas

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Application Modernization

The Advantages of Using Tabular Editor for Tabular Model Development

We demonstrate how Tabular Editor solves some specific development challenges that show up when developers collaborate on tabular models in Visual Studio.
Data Analytics

Cloud Data Storage Architecture: Pros and Cons

Is the cloud the right choice to handle your data? We break down its pros and cons to help you make the best data storage choice for your organization.
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Data Analytics

Self-Service Analytics: Pros and Cons

Self-Service analytics allows business users to start taking ownership of some of the work. This solves some businesses needs while creating other challenges.
warehouse on lake
Data Analytics

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse: Pros and Cons

While it may be tempting to choose only the newer data lake format, or the tried-and-true data warehouse, both have pros and cons that we explore in this blog.