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january 2022 teams updates

9 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | January 2022

This month is stacked with Teams enhancements to ensure a better user experience when organizing and participating in meetings. Here's how they benefit you.
overcome resistance to change

How Business Leaders Can Overcome Resistance to Change

Here's how leaders can understand their change cycle, find their organization’s sweet spot for change, and how to move employees them from fear to excitement.
microsoft teams updates feature

10 New Updates to Microsoft Teams | December 2021

December is stacked with Microsoft Teams Meeting enhancements to ensure a better user experience. Here's how the new updates benefit your day-to-day work.
m365 licenses feature

How to Get the Most Out of Your M365 Licenses

If you have an M365 license, you should evaluate any tool you use to see if you can replace it with features and tools you already have with Microsoft 365.
microsoft ignite 2021 feature

Top 7 Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2021

At Ignite 2021, Microsoft unveiled new updates and features for the M365 platform. Here are the 7 most important updates and how they impact your organization.
accelerate digital transformation

Should You Disrupt Yourself to Accelerate Digital Transformation?

Leaders all face the same quandary: When to lead or respond to disruption? Here are our recommendations for facing disruption and what's really driving value.
Delivery team collaborating at desk

Two Ways to Help Delivery Teams Understand Work Item Complexity

Following these proven exercises, the unknowns of project requirements, technologies, and dependencies are removed as impediments to understanding the concept.
Team writing product backlog items

3 Tips for Writing Effective Product Backlog Items

Here are three core components to product backlog items with details and proven tips that have served the author well across projects, clients, and industries.
Woman at starting line

Manager Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

Implementing DevOps is a significant organizational change that can impact the work people do, existing business processes, leadership approaches, and culture.
Executive meeting

Executive Playbook for Getting Started with DevOps

Done right, DevOps can reduce your cycle and lead times. But it's not a product; it's a journey that will transform how your company delivers value.
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