Author: Modern Workplace Team

What’s Happening with SharePoint Workflows?

Microsoft will start removing the ability to create (and even run) 2010 workflows. This is a true End-of-Life scenario which we haven't seen in M365 until now.

How to (and not to) Manage Group Permissions in SharePoint Online

Of the many ways to manage SharePoint permissions, we analyze and rank three common scenarios utilizing SharePoint, Azure AD Security, and Dynamic Azure AD.

Zoom vs. Teams: 5 Security Benefits of Microsoft Teams

As companies look for ways to keep their employee teams productive during this pandemic, collaboration tools have become the main focus.

What is a SharePoint Site Index? (And Why You Should Do One)

A SharePoint site index is a list of all the sites in your environment that helps you see the full landscape so you can improve estimating, planning, and more!

Combat Shadow IT with Microsoft 365

“Shadow IT” is a broad term referring to any software, device, or service being used on your enterprise network without the knowledge of the IT department.

Fabric React Primer on Components, Controls and Theming

It's easy to get to know Fabric React. Whether you're starting from scratch or adding it to a project, here's how to learn and use its controls and components.

From Slack to Teams: Managing the shift to Microsoft Teams

As you make the move from Slack or Skype to Microsoft Teams, change management strategies can help you quickly and effectively onboard the solution.

Secure Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

As companies look to adopt collaboration tools, security concerns are continuing to rise.

How to Transform Classic SharePoint to Modern (Without Doing a Full Migration)

Microsoft recently made the transformation into Modern SharePoint easier without doing a full migration, and I’d like to highlight a few of these options.