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Cloud Deployment & Optimization

The 6 Major Stages of a Successful Cloud Migration

By following these proven major stages of a successful cloud migration, IT leaders can provide a path to a more flexible, responsive, and agile organization.
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Connect Teams Users to PureCloud Help Desk Agents with Azure Bots

We recently helped one of our clients to create an experience where both end users and Help Desk Agents can remain in the tools where they are most productive.
Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Are You Falling into the Cloud Conversation Gap?

App dependency mapping, workload and data analysis, and app modernization are all important, but don’t overlook aligning your network with your cloud strategy.
Azure Devops
Application Modernization

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Views

Azure DevOps can help you successfully manage a project. This blog highlights its many useful views including Work Items, Boards, Backlogs, Sprint, and more!
Managing Team Capacity
Application Modernization

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Team Setup & Managing Capacity

Once you have picked a process template, decided to use area paths, and set up your sprints and schedule, then it’s time to set up your team and their capacity.
Agile Sprints
Application Modernization

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Sprints

Once you've chosen your process template and area paths, it's time to set up your sprints! See how to create them, name them, and share them with your team.
Getting started
Application Modernization

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Area Paths Tips

Most business analysts aren't even aware that the Area Path feature exists within Azure DevOps. Here's what it is and how it can be used.
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Application Modernization

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Template Tips

Azure DevOps includes 4 basic Process/System Templates to choose from. This is one of the first steps in setting up your system. But which one is right for you?
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Cloud Deployment & Optimization

Azure Tips & Tricks: Preventing Headaches with Cosmos Document IDs

The following simple tip regarding Cosmos DB's document identifier property may help you avoid creating a hard-to-find bug in your code.
Office Collaboration
Productivity & Collaboration

How to (and not to) Manage Group Permissions in SharePoint Online

Of the many ways to manage SharePoint permissions, we analyze and rank three common scenarios utilizing SharePoint, Azure AD Security, and Dynamic Azure AD.