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How Does Project Oakdale Impact SharePoint and M365 Solutions?

Been using SharePoint lists as a data storage repository for Power Apps? Then Project Oakdale will change how you develop business processes and applications.
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What’s Happening with SharePoint Workflows?

Microsoft will start removing the ability to create (and even run) 2010 workflows. This is a true End-of-Life scenario which we haven't seen in M365 until now.
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How to (and not to) Manage Group Permissions in SharePoint Online

Of the many ways to manage SharePoint permissions, we analyze and rank three common scenarios utilizing SharePoint, Azure AD Security, and Dynamic Azure AD.
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What is a SharePoint Site Index? (And Why You Should Do One)

A SharePoint site index is a list of all the sites in your environment that helps you see the full landscape so you can improve estimating, planning, and more!
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Should I Save Files in OneDrive, Teams (O365 Groups) or SharePoint?

If you're struggling to differentiate between the various file storing/sharing tools in Office 365, we recommend following a Me-We-Everyone approach.
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Transform Classic SharePoint to Modern Without a Full Migration

Microsoft recently made the transformation into Modern SharePoint easier without doing a full migration, and I’d like to highlight a few of these options.
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Using React Hooks in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx 1.8)

A new feature released in React 16.8 is React Hooks that allow you to reuse stateful logic and share component behavior among many components or with the community. Before React Hooks, we broke down our UI into small, digestible, reusable components. The idea was that each component could be pulled out and reused in other projects. …

Using React Hooks in the SharePoint Framework (SPFx 1.8) Read More »

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SharePoint Workflow “Failed to Start”?

A recent .Net update in a Windows Server update has caused SharePoint workflows to fail to start. Here's a workaround to get you back up and running quickly.
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Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

Throughout 2017, Microsoft has been releasing updates to the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) – a new client-side development experience to customize SharePoint’s Modern Experience. We’ve been experiencing the changing development landscape as it takes shape. Recently, I was lucky to have the opportunity to attend SP Fest Chicago to hear the experiences of notable people from the …

Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Read More »

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What is a SharePoint Administrator?

The role of a SharePoint Administrator will vary depending upon your organization. Here's an overview of the job's responsibilities, limitations, and more.