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Libby Fisette

Libby is a Director of Innovation on Core BTS's Cloud and Modern Work practice. She helps clients navigate the technical complexities of this digital world with the ultimate goal of turning their business needs into simple, yet impactful, solutions that take them further down the road of digital transformation.

Power Apps
Application Modernization

Knowing When Is Your App Too Complex for Power Apps

Power Apps is a great solution for simple applications for your business. Learn when it's best to use Power Apps or when it's time to build a custom app.
software testing
Productivity & Collaboration

Impactful Power Platform Low-Code / No-Code Business Apps

The Power Platform enables digital transformation by letting non-tech power users quickly make applications, workflows, or dashboards with little to no code.
Productivity & Collaboration

Rolling Out the Modern Office 365 Workplace: Use Cases & Tips

Many of our clients get more ROI from Office 365 when they understand when to use each app and by following their roadmap, change management, and governance.
Microsoft Teams on mobile
Productivity & Collaboration

The Project Manager’s Guide to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps Project Managers keep everyone current with centralized chat and content, ensuring easy and transparent communication and collaboration.
Team collaboration
Productivity & Collaboration

Best Practices for Creating and Managing Teams in Microsoft Teams

Here we cover best practices for creating and managing Teams, including when to create one, what to consider when setting one up, and how to archive content.
Business people in conference room
Productivity & Collaboration

How to Effectively Manage Your Team with Microsoft Teams

With the move to remote work and leadership, it's even more important to stay connected and engaged with employees. Here's how to manage your team with Teams.
Business people working together
Productivity & Collaboration

Working Out in the Open with Microsoft Teams

We're no longer performing a single unrelated task that doesn't tie back to a team, process, or project. So, why not let your team know what you're working on?
working remotely on laptop
Productivity & Collaboration

11 Ways to Productively Work Remotely with Microsoft Teams

Working from home? Here's how you can use Teams to engage employees, present well, and encourage team culture – all while maintaining everyone's productivity.
star schema
Productivity & Collaboration

The Guide to Microsoft’s Power Platform and How to Use It

This complete guide digs into the functionality of the Microsoft Power Platform, showing you how to leverage this toolset to solve many business situations.
Delivery team collaborating at desk
Productivity & Collaboration

Should I Save Files in OneDrive, Teams (O365 Groups) or SharePoint?

If you're struggling to differentiate between the various file storing/sharing tools in Office 365, we recommend following a Me-We-Everyone approach.
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