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Total Cost of Ownership is a Mindset Problem – Not a Math Problem

Businesses rarely consider a custom application’s lifecycle in their business strategy, but these 3 pragmatic mindsets can help you approach your app's TCO.
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Should You Disrupt Yourself to Accelerate Digital Transformation?

Leaders all face the same quandary: When to lead or respond to disruption? Here are our recommendations for facing disruption and what's really driving value.
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Application Modernization

How to Unlock the Organizational Value of Digital Transformation

It's time to re-think the role and function of IT. Instead of being a stand-alone entity, it must be aligned with the business to deliver increased value.
CEO Year Review
Core Culture

A Year in Review: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Core BTS Chief Executive Officer, Paul Lidsky, reflects on his first year as CEO and the expansion of the Core BTS brand.
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Scoundrels! Rascals! Facing Challenges of Low-Code Development

IT is often frustrated with rogue low-code application development from business areas. But here's how they can collaborate to adopt low-code app platforms.
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4 Agile Transformation Pain Points with Managing Work

I've seen teams struggle with how to manage work when transitioning to agile. But if your team can address these pain points, you will succeed early and often.
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How to Overcome the 5 Common Barriers to Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturers have an opportunity to transform and grow, but many are slow to adopt and risk disruption. But here's how their innovative peers are succeeding.