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Paul Fuller

With 25+ years of professional IT experience starting in software development and now in data analytics, Paul thrives on applying the right technological solutions to business challenges in a way that truly serves the business and their users.

Power BI governance
Data Analytics

Improve Data Utilization with Our Guide to Power BI Governance

Power BI Governance mitigates risks, centralizes management, and aligns data usage with business objectives to enhance informed decision-making and efficiency.
machine learning foundation
Data Analytics

Machine Learning Requires a Strong Data Foundation

Machine learning isn't a magic wand. It’s a tool that requires a strong data foundation. Here's how to build that foundation so you can get to machine learning.
data modernization journey
Data Analytics

How to Jumpstart Your Data Modernization Journey

Most want to transform and modernize their data but don’t know how. Here's how to successfully guide your organization along its data modernization journey.
data-driven pitfalls
Data Analytics

Data-Driven Organizations Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls

Everyone wants to become data-driven. But, before you start modernizing your data, make sure you watch out for these common data transformation pitfalls.
data transformation feature
Data Analytics

How Data Transformation & Modernization Can Change Your Business

When organizations think of transforming into a data-driven culture, most just think it just impacts ETL. But true data transformation impacts far more....
Power BI strategy meeting
Data Analytics

10 KPIs Manufacturers Should Track for Operational Excellence

Knowing what to measure is key, but where should a manufacturer begin, especially in operations? The best place to start is with your strategic business goals.
three ships in ocean
Data Analytics

How to Protect PHI Data by Limiting External Access to Power BI

In this walkthrough, we demonstrate how a health provider can restrict the sensitive data in their Power BI service environment to only their trusted network.
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