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Two doctors conducting medical research on computers with AI-powered analysis.
Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Patient Care: AI-Driven Insights in Healthcare

AI provides immense benefits in healthcare that you can unlock with expert help from Core BTS. Here’s all you should know: Two words have become almost ubiquitous nowadays: artificial intelligence (AI). Discussions are rife about how AI could be the next big thing, even in healthcare, an industry not reputed for quickly adopting new technologies. […]
Healthcare professional sharing medical information with a patient using a tablet.
Artificial Intelligence

Ethical AI Adoption: Ensuring Trust in Healthcare with Windows 11

Healthcare providers must balance AI adoption with ethical practices to realize its full promise. With Windows 11 and Core BTS’s help, discover how to stay ahead of the curve. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the face of healthcare as we know it. However, alongside immense potential lies the challenge of ensuring responsible AI adoption.  This […]
Software engineers brainstorming how to modernize an application portfolio.
Application Modernization

Enhancing Application Portfolio Capabilities Through Modernization

With technology and market demands changing rapidly, businesses must evolve their capabilities and find innovative ways to stay competitive. Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly turning to modernization to bridge the gap. Application modernization is crucial to maintaining business performance and agility in a constantly evolving landscape. It empowers internal teams with all the capabilities of the […]
Physician accessing a health system on a computer
Data & Applications

Enhancing Patient Care: Overcoming Technological Hurdles for Improved Experiences

As technology disrupts the healthcare sector, organizations must leverage it to deliver better care and meet patient expectations. While healthcare is a hands-on field, technological advancements are transforming how caregivers deliver services—and how patients receive them. Technology solutions have proven to improve patient outcomes, increase patient volume, save money and time, and boost revenue. Perhaps […]
design patterns in healthcare software development feature
Application Modernization

3 Design Patterns in Healthcare Software: A Recipe for Success

When we develop solutions for our clients, we use proven best practices called design patterns to create flexible, maintainable, and efficient software systems.
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