Application Modernization

custom mes feature

Custom MES Cuts Costs, Reduces Risk, and Supports Mobile Workforce

This manufacturer’s Oracle MES wasn’t extensible or scalable. See how we delivered a new system to support an adaptive work system for resources and automation.

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app stability feature

App Stability Reduces Risk and Cost

The client’s application was in danger of becoming unstable and unusable. See how we saved their app and reduced memory utilization by 50-60%.

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nintex sharepoint workflow

Nintex for SharePoint and O365 Empowers Sales Teams

A large and growing sales team needed a visible and consistent process for performance reviews. See how Core BTS solved it, leading to a 90% adoption rate.

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Azure Devops

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Views

Azure DevOps can help you successfully manage a project. This blog highlights its many useful views including Work Items, Boards, Backlogs, Sprint, and more!

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Managing Team Capacity

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Team Setup

Are you ready to set up a new team in Azure DevOps? We show you how to configure your team members and track capacity for effective project management.

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Agile Sprints

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Sprints

Ready to start sprint planning in Azure DevOps? We show you how to set up sprints so your team members can see their taskboard and manage their workflow.

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Getting started

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Area Paths Tips

Most business analysts aren’t even aware that the Area Path feature exists within Azure DevOps. Here’s what it is and how it can be used.

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Closeup of globe

Getting Started with Azure DevOps – Template Tips

Azure DevOps includes 4 basic Process/System Templates to choose from. This is one of the first steps in setting up your system. But which one is right for you?

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software testing

Why I Stopped Testing My Code (and You Should Too)

Here are 10 silly excuses I’ve used or heard for reasons to not write repeatable tests for one’s own code. It’s a great reminder to just write the tests.

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microsoft windows keyboard

.NET MAUI and the Future of Xamarin 

At the 2020 Microsoft Build Conference, they announced .NET MAUI as the next evolution to Xamarin.Forms. Here’s what it means to your cross-platform development.

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