Cloud Deployment & Optimization

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Kroger Health is Reimagining Healthcare Through Cloud Modernization

See how we helped Kroger Health deploy a solution to deliver and administer COVID-19 vaccines to their customers and communities across more than 35 states.

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Bob Evans Cloud Adoption

With Core BTS managing all aspects of their cloud lifecycle, Bob Evans was able to realize agility, cost predictability, and top-notch security.

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Palmer Johnson Power Systems ERP Azure Migration

See how we moved on-premises infrastructure to the cloud – enabling predictable monthly expenses and external management of server storage, CPU, and memory.

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BCycle Dashes into New Markets with Smart Bikes

Station-based bike-sharing systems can be expensive and inflexible. See how we helped BCycle eliminate high upfront cost, lower system cost, and improve UX.

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Baisch Engineering Saves Website Costs with Cloud Migration

See how we helped Baisch get set up in Azure, deploy several existing project sites, and provide documentation and guidance on the deployment process.

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Connect Teams Users to PureCloud Help Desk Agents with Azure Bots

We recently helped one of our clients to create an experience where both end users and Help Desk Agents can remain in the tools where they are most productive.

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enterprise data warehouse

Cloud-Based Inventory Management Data Warehouse

Core delivered a cloud-based Azure BI solution that derives insights on ideal stocking levels and part variety while avoiding costly on-prem investments.

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Are You Falling into the Cloud Conversation Gap?

App dependency mapping, workload and data analysis, and app modernization are all important, but don’t overlook aligning your network with your cloud strategy.

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Global Healthcare Technology Company Moves Windows Servers to Azure

Core BTS helped a global healthcare technology reduce security vulnerabilities by moving legacy Windows Servers to Microsoft Azure.

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Mountains and clouds

Azure Tips & Tricks: Preventing Headaches with Cosmos Document IDs

The following simple tip regarding Cosmos DB’s document identifier property may help you avoid creating a hard-to-find bug in your code.

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