Azure Migration Services

Successfully Move to Azure with Core BTS 

If you want to successfully move to Azure, you must be ready to fully transform your organization. At Core BTS, we help you do just that. We work alongside you to transform your business and use Microsoft Azure to take on the competition. We help you conquer the cloud.



The Azure Journey Map

Azure adoption is a journey, not a singular event. For that reason, we take an adaptive and multi-stage approach to Azure adoption. Wherever you are at in your Azure journey, we can help.

azure cloud migration journey

We believe responsible cloud adoption requires a holistic approach. Learn more about the stages of a successful cloud migration.


Our Migration Approach

First, we work with you to establish a vision for the future. We do this by creating an Azure migration strategy aligned to your business goals, technology requirements, cloud maturity, organizational risk profile, and company culture. Then we help you migrate priority workloads while laying a strong, consistent, and repeatable foundation for future modernization activities by using infrastructure as code and Azure Pipelines.


A successful Azure migration is rooted in strong governance and operations. We take great care to establish the proper policies and procedures throughout each migration phase. Ultimately, this leads to better ROI and both short- and long-term success.

Our Approach in Action

From Windows Server to Microsoft Azure

Following a major acquisition, a global healthcare technology company assessed their newly consolidated IT infrastructure. Upon evaluation, they determined that their hybrid cloud infrastructure could not support go-forward business or technology goals.

See how we helped them move off premises and onto Azure here.

Modernizing with Microsoft Azure

The health and wellness division of a national retailer sought to expand locations and introduce new capabilities to new communities. Unfortunately, legacy servers and apps prevented the organization from scaling their business to meet consumer demand.

Learn how we migrated the organization and got critical database apps running in Azure here.

Ready to Make the Move to Microsoft Azure?

Our Azure Accelerate program operationalizes cloud adoption through structured analysis, financial planning, and roadmap development.

Executed in alignment with Microsoft's Solution Assessment Program, this offering accelerates Azure adoption by taking the guesswork out of planning and deployment.

Insights into server inventory
Detailed financial models including breakdowns of the cost to run applications and workloads in Azure as well as available price breaks from Microsoft
Target-state architecture drawings
Detailed cloud roadmaps